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June 13, 2015

Today we celebrate:

National Weed Your Garden Day - This is a day to check on your garden, whether it’s a vegetable garden, herb garden or flower garden, and pull up those weeds that are trying so hard to choke out the things that you want to grow there.  Hmmm...I guess I better get out there.  I have a habit of leaving this until I can’t figure out what’s a weed and what’s a vegetable.  If you do it a little at a time right from the start, it’s not so bad.

Kitchen Klutzes of America Day – I am a kitchen klutz sometimes. Just ask my daughter who, a couple of years ago, witnessed me adding too much yeast to a bread I was making, spraying the sparkling water that was to go in the bread all over the kitchen, dropping the paper towel holder in my rush to clean up the mess, and then allowing the bread to rise too much, spilling over and making yet another horrible mess all over the inside of my stove. And that was all in one day and one bread making project which I am usually very good at. Well, today is a day to revel in your klutziness in the kitchen.  Go big or go home. probably are home. get the idea.

Sewing Machine Day – Thomas Saint was issued the first patent for a complete sewing machine in 1790, but no one knows if Saint actually built a working machine because a later reproduction based on his patent drawing did not work. Several men in the early 1800's made attempts and some received patents, but all of their inventions failed and were forgotten. Finally, in 1830, the first known to be functional sewing machine was invented by Bathelemy Thimonnier in France. The invention enraged French tailors who burned down his factory and nearly killed him because they feared his invention would put them out of work. They were a little hotheaded in France during that time period coming so close on the heels of the French Revolution. Isaac Singer in the 1850's built the first commercially successful sewing machine although there was plenty of drama involved with lawsuits and patent infringement and such. Who knew sewing machines were such a hot topic?  I just wish I could get mine to work for more than 5 minutes at a time before the tension breaks. Of course, it is a bit more complicated than the original sewing machines, but not as complicated as the one my friend has.  She has a deluxe super model that could probably sew a structurally sound house.

International Young Eagles Day – Celebrated on the 2nd Saturday of June, this is a day to focus on providing introductory airplane flights to children ages 8-17 who are interested in flying. This day is sponsored by the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association), which is an organization of people who are passionate about aviation and committed to helping the spirit of aviation soar.

To celebrate today, use your sewing machine to make some towels that you can use to clean up the klutzy mess you made out of your kitchen at breakfast time.  Then go out and weed your garden before you head to the airport with your kids to have a ride.

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