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June 24, 2015

Today we celebrate:

Celebration of the Senses Day - This is a day to celebrate all of your senses: sight, touch, taste, smell and sound.  How you choose to celebrate is left up to you so do whatever is most pleasing to these senses.  It doesn’t need to be all at the same time, although if you can, it would certainly save time.

Museum Comes to Life Day - This day has been celebrated since 2006 and is a day to go to a museum and imagine what it would be like if everything in it came to life.  Take your kids with you and see what scenarios their amazing imaginations come up with.

National Pralines Day – A sweet pecan treat that is very popular in New Orleans. It originally came from France and used almonds but when those Frenchmen and women arrived in New Orleans way back when, almonds were hard to come by, so they switched to pecans and now no one even thinks of using almonds in this delectable dessert.

International Fairy Day – This is a day that celebrates those tiny, winged, little people who are born on the laugh of a baby. I couldn't find out where this day came from or why we should celebrate it, but if you have children, particularly the little girl variety, you probably already celebrate this day every day. You will notice that my graphic is not a photograph this time. That is, of course, because it is very difficult to get a photograph of a real fairy because they are hard to find. When you do find one, they are not inclined to stay still long enough for a picture.

Swim A Lap Day – This is a day to get a little exercise. Put on your bathing suit, (go ahead, I won’t look) and hop in the pool to swim a lap. Although since you went to all that trouble to get your suit on and find a pool, I don't know why you would stop at one lap. Go ahead and swim as many laps as you can.

To celebrate today, celebrate your senses by eating pralines, watching the fairies swim laps in the bird bath, listening to your favorite music, wiggling your toes in some sand and smelling the fresh air.  Then take some kids to a museum and imagine what it would be like if the whole museum came to life.

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