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June 27, 2015

Today we celebrate:

National Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Day - Begun in 2010 by Congressional Resolution, this is a day to spread awareness of the issues that people who suffer from PTSD face every day.  We usually see this disorder in members of the military because of what they go through every day during war time.  But they are not the only ones who can be affected.  Anyone who has to endure an extremely stressful event can be at risk.  And, of course, the family and friends of people with PTSD also suffer.  There are treatments and ways of living a normal life.  Some people qualify for a service dog which can be extremely beneficial.
Sunglasses Day – This is a day to celebrate eye protection. Even primitive societies have been known to devise some sort of covering that can be seen out of but still protect their eyes from the sun. These days we have a myriad of styles and colors of sunglasses to choose from. You can make them part of your fashion statement if you want to. The important thing is to realize that your eyes do need to be protected from the sun so that your eyesight will last longer.

Decide To Be Married Day – This is a day to celebrate couples who decide to get married. It is based on a poem entitled, “Decide to be Married”. Oddly enough, my happily married husband of 21 years always tries to talk people out of making this decision. Do you think he's trying to tell me something?

National Orange Blossom Day - This is a day to celebrate the flower known as the orange blossom which is ultimately responsible for producing the delicious fruit we all know as oranges.  Citrus fruits are important sources of Vitamin C and we use the flavor of citrus for many desserts and drinks and more.

National HIV Testing Day – Every year on this day, since 2005, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has promoted an HIV testing day. They want everyone who could possibly be at risk to be tested today. The earlier you are diagnosed, the earlier you can begin treatment and the longer you can live a normal lifestyle.

Happy Birthday To You” Day – This song has been around longer than I would possibly have guessed. The melody was composed in 1859 by Mildred J. Hill, a schoolteacher from Kentucky. It was first published in 1893 with the lyrics her sister, Patty Smith, wrote for it and it was called “Good Morning To All”. It was changed to a birthday song and copyrighted in 1935. Find someone who has a birthday today and sing it to them.

Industrial Workers Of The World Day – On this day in 1905, The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) was formed. The concept of the IWW is that all workers should be united as a social class and that capitalism and wage labor should be abolished. Sounds great in theory, but history has shown us that putting it into practice is difficult and so far has not been very successful.

Great American Backyard Campout – On this day, thousands of Americans will gather in backyards all over the country to have their very own campout. Experience the outdoors without having to travel too far. This is a great option for people with young children who don't want to get too far away from indoor plumbing or who think their young children will not be able to last a whole night outside. This day is celebrated on the last Saturday in June every year.

To celebrate today, wear sunglasses and sing the Happy Birthday song to the one you have decided to marry.  Then both of you should go get tested for HIV while you discuss the plight of the workers of the world and PTSD.  Finally, camp out in your backyard tonight and see if you can smell orange blossoms in your local area.

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