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July 15, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Tapioca Pudding Day – Tapioca is a starch from Manioc, which is a plant that is from Brazil but spread throughout South America, the West Indies, Africa and Asia by the Portuguese and Spanish explorers. It's gluten free and is used in cooking to thicken foods as well as to make delicious tapioca pudding.

National Be A Dork Day – There are many things that you can do that would be considered dorky by teeneagers, so if you need help figuring out how to celebrate today, ask yours or borrow a neighbors'. I'm sure they would be only too happy to help you as long as they don't need to have anything else to do with you today.

Global Hug Your Kid Day – This is a day that urges every mother and father all around the world to hug their children today and every day. This day is celebrated on the third Monday in July since 2008 when it was created by Michelle Nichols. Her son, Mark, died suddenly and tragically from brain cancer in 1998 at the very young age of 8 ½ years old. Do not miss one single opportunity to hug your child because with the fragile nature of life, you just never know when it will be the last hug you get or give.

Gummi Worm Day – a small,worm shaped, rubbery candy. It is one of my favorite candies to eat, in any shape, which my children know so they do not find it difficult to talk me into buying them when we see them in the store. I am trying to be strong, but since today is Gummi Worm Day, I think I am doomed before I even begin.

National Pet Fire Safety Day – Every family should have a fire safety plan. Installing smoke detectors and making sure they are working is a big part of that. But you should also have a plan for your pets. There are many good ideas here:

National Get Out Of The Doghouse Day – I'm not sure why the doghouse is the designated spot for people in trouble with their family members, but for whatever reason it is. The goal today is for the whole country to get out of the doghouse. Say something nice, do something nice, beg for forgiveness, whatever you need to do, do it and resume your happy life.

Saint Swithin's Day – Swithin was the Bishop of Winchester from somewhere around 853 A.D. Until his death sometime between 862 and 865. He is now the patron saint of Winchester Cathedral. He is known for great posthumous miracles. Today is his feast day and a well known tradition in England is that whatever the weather is today, it will continue for the next 40 days. So if it's raining today, break out the life jackets because you know what happened the last time it rained for 40 days.

Tish B'Av – This is an annual fast day in Judaism that commemorates the destruction of the First Temple and the Second Temple in Jerusalem. The second was destroyed 655 years after the first, but on the same Hebrew calendar date. The fast begins at sundown.

To celebrate today, you don't need to worry about food since you will be fasting so instead, hug your kids and then ask them to help you dork it up today. If necessary, you can bribe them with gummi worms to get them to help you. Next, check the weather so you can make your plans for the next forty days. Then get your family together to help you create a fire safety plan, because that's a very good idea. If you have pets, make sure you plan for them as well. If you don't have pets, you probably have a stuffed animal or two around that you can use to pretend you do have pets. Then, do whatever you have to do to get out of the doghouse with whichever family member is mad at you. You know there's at least one. Maybe you can give them some tapioca pudding as incentive to forgive you.

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