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July 5, 2013

Today we celebrate:
National Apple Turnover Day –A delectable, apple stuffed pastry. Flaky, and fruity deliciousness.

Bikini Day – On this day in 1946, the first very revealing two-piece bathing suit, created by French designer Louis Reard, was worn by Parisian showgirl Micheline Bernardini. It created quite a stir and Reard had some trouble finding a model who would wear something this scandalous for his fashion show. It took off in Europe fairly quickly, but didn't find a market in America until the 1960's because American's were a little more conservative. Something you wouldn't necessarily believe if you ever visited an average public high school today.
Earth At Aphelion – On this day we are at the farthest point from the sun that we ever go. The earth's orbit around the sun is not a circle, it is more elliptical which means that we are not exactly the same distance from the sun from day to day. Oddly enough, the earth is warmer at this point than it is at perihelion when we are the closest to the sun.

International Chicken Wing Day –You cannot enjoy chicken wings unless you are having a party. I'm pretty sure it's an unwritten rule. Since it's an international day,why not have an international party?
Roswell UFO Days – The first day of a three day festival. On this day the City of Roswell tells the Universe that if they are looking for a place to crash, Roswell is for them. UFO experts, enthusiasts and skeptics are invited to Roswell to celebrate “one of the most debated incidents in history.”

Workaholics Day – Do you eat,breathe and sleep work? Well, then this is the day for you. This is a day that is always celebrated on the 5th of July to honor those dedicated workers who show up to work on time on the day after July 4th.
To celebrate today, show up to work on time in a bikini. If your boss is there and questions you, just tell him that the earth is warmer right now because we are farther away from it. I'm sure he/she will let you get away with it. Then invite your international friends to a UFO party at your house after work. Tell them they must show up in a UFO or at least in an extraterrestrial costume. At the party serve your guests chicken wings and apple turnovers.

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