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July 3, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Chocolate Wafer Day – A crispy, waffley kind of cookie layered with a sweet, creamy, chocolatey filling. I'm making myself hungry again.

Compliment Your Mirror Day – On this day your job is to look into your mirror and compliment it for having such an amazing, talented, and beautiful/handsome owner. In addition, you must look at every mirror you encounter today and make sure it smiles at you.

Disobedience Day – There are times when disobedience is necessary to right something that is very wrong. For example, the Civil Disobedience protests led by Martin Luther King, Jr.. Without them, we might still be living in a segregated society where people of color are openly and actively persecuted. Peaceful disobedience is an excellent way to fight against unjust laws/rules and create change in your society.

To celebrate today, compliment your mirror and check to make sure every mirror you see today smiles at you. Then join a group that is participating in an act of civil disobedience – make sure it's for a good reason, and finish up the day with some delicious chocolate wafers.

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