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July 7, 2013

Today we celebrate:

International Cherry Pit Spitting Day – On this day, compete with your family and friends from all around the world to see who can spit their cherry pits the farthest. I'll set the bar right here. You have to at least beat a distance of 2 inches because that's how far I can spit my pit. I know, it's pretty sad.

Tell The Truth Day – This is a day that is celebrated by challenging all American's to go a full and complete day without either telling a lie or saying something that might be misleading or dishonest.

National Strawberry Sundae Day – It's hot so it's a perfect day for a strawberry sundae. Who am I kidding, it's always a perfect day for a strawberry sundae.

National Macaroni Day – Macaroni's are a popular pasta in America, but not in my family. My kids don't care but my husband prefers more interestingly shaped pasta. But he'll have to suffer today because it's macaroni for dinner. Here's a recipe you might like to try:

Global Forgiveness Day – Begun in 1994, this is a day to forgive and to be forgiven. It was originally named National Forgiveness Day but it has been renamed in order to spread the message around the world. Hanging on to anger and hurt only adds to the stress and health problems we already have in this world. Let it go and forgive and see how much better you feel.

National Chocolate Day – There is much disagreement as to when this day falls in the year. I think that is mostly because everyone loves chocolate and they want it many times a year, not just once.

Father-Daughter Take A Walk Together Day – This is a special day for fathers and daughters to spend some time enjoying each other's company and the beautiful summer weather. It doesn't matter how old the fathers and daughters are, enjoy your day.

To celebrate today, make a pledge to tell the truth no matter what happens today, then organize your neighborhood and hold a cherry pit spitting contest. If your father is available, take a walk with him this afternoon, and if you have a daughter, have her take a walk with her father if possible. Then spend some reflective time deciding who you might be angry with and decide to forgive them. Finally, wrap up the day with macaroni for dinner and some chocolate and strawberry sundaes for dessert.

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