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September 10, 2014

Today we celebrate:

International Make-Up Day - This is a day for making up with anyone that you have hurt either purposefully or accidentally.  Apologize for anything you did or said that was wrong or hurtful and you will both feel better for it.

Swap Ideas Day – This is a day for an open idea exchange. Swap your ideas with everyone you meet today, the only rule is that you must be open minded and not get into a fight just because someone might disagree with you or hold an idea that you find repugnant.

Sewing Machine Day – Also celebrated on June 13th, this is a day to use your sewing machine to make some new clothes for yourself and your family. Elias Howe received a patent for his sewing machine on this day in 1846.

TV Dinner Day - In 1953, Swanson & Sons did something no one else had ever done and put a full, single serving meal on a tray, in a box and froze it.  It became known as a TV dinner.  There are lots of different kinds of meals that can be found like this in the grocery store now, and some of them look like they might be somewhat healthy.  They can also be cooked in a microwave instead of in the oven these days which makes it even faster.

World Suicide Prevention Day – This is a day to do whatever you can to prevent suicides from happening. There are warning signs, find out what they are and spread the information around. If more people are able to recognize when someone might be headed down a suicidal path, there is a greater chance of diverting them to a more positive place and possibly saving a life.

To celebrate everything in one day, grab your sewing machine, and head to a friend's house to make up for past hurts and swap ideas while you sew. While you are there, check your friend over very carefully for suicidal tendencies.  Then, it’s an easy TV dinner for your meal tonight.

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