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September 28, 2014

Today we celebrate:

Fast of Gedaliah – This is a Jewish fast day that begins at dawn and ends at dusk. They are remembering the assassination of the governor of Judah named Gedaliah by a Judean named Yishmael Ben Netaniah and several cohorts a few thousand years ago.

National Good Neighbor Day - Celebrated on the fourth Sunday in September, this is a day to recognize your good neighbors and to be a good neighbor yourself.  Some stores near you might recognize this day with a sale, and I suggest you recognize it with some good neighbor deeds.

National Ask A Stupid Question Day – This is officially celebrated on this day every year. However, since it is usually celebrated by students and teachers, they tend to change the date to  the last school day of the month instead.  Anyway, this is a day to stop being afraid of looking stupid and ask any question you want to know the answer to.  

National Strawberry Cream Pie Day – Who doesn't love strawberries? But as good as strawberries are, strawberries and cream are even better. This picture is modified from the one posted by

World Rabies Day – The Global Alliance for Rabies Control which has headquarters in the United States and the United Kingdom, coordinates activities on this day which honors the death of Louis Pasteur, who was a part of the team that developed the first rabies vaccine. They honor him by working to raise awareness of the dangers of rabies for humans and animals, and spreading information about how to prevent the disease. Humans and animals on every continent except Antarctica are at risk although some continents such as Africa and Asia hold the most risk because of the large number of unvaccinated stray dogs.

Gold Star Mother's Day – This is a day that was created by the American Gold Star Mothers Inc. which is an organization that provides support for mothers of children who were lost in a war. It was created just after World War I. Membership is open to any American woman who has lost a child in service to the United States. We celebrate this day on the last Sunday in September every year.

Confucius Day – At daybreak this morning, we will honor Confucius as this is considered to be his birthday. Since he was born in 551 BC, I'm not really sure how the powers that be know this for sure. But we do know for sure that he was a very wise scholar and philosopher who is still quoted to this day.  You will find people celebrating Confucius on various days at the end of September.  I’m not sure which is the official day because all kinds of legitimate looking sites put it on the 27th, 28th, or 29th.

Read A Child A Book You Like Day - If you have children, I am sure you have put in plenty of time reading the same book over and over and over again.  Some you have read so many times you would really like them to disappear so you never have to see them again, no matter how good the books were the first hundred times.  Well, this is a day when you get to pick which book you read.  Pick one that is age appropriate (although I am guilty of reading all kinds of weird stuff to my kids when they were babies and didn’t know what I was saying) and that you enjoy and have fun reading it to them.  You can even do this if you don’t have children, I’m sure you can find one to borrow if you look around.

National Drink Beer Day - I’m not a fan of beer and never have been, but I know it is an extremely popular adult beverage so if you enjoy a beer, have one today.  There are certainly a lot of different kinds to choose from.

To celebrate everything in one day, track down a good neighbor and ask him/her a whole bunch of questions without worrying if they are stupid ones.  Then confuse him by offering him some wisdom from Confucius.  Next, take your pet to get their annual rabies shot and while you are waiting for your turn, read a book that you like to your child.  Then, track down a mother who has lost a child to war and give her a hug.  Finally, break your fast with beer and strawberry cream pie.

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