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September 4, 2014

Today is another very easy day to celebrate, so no excuses will be allowed.  Well, unless you are on a diet because and I don't want to sabotage your hard work.  And...if you are allergic to nuts, you get a pass on that one too.  But no other excuses, even if you have to "borrow" a neighbor's newspaper.

Newspaper Carrier Day – This is a day to celebrate newspaper carriers who are responsible for delivering our newspapers to our driveways. This day was chosen because it is the anniversary of the day in 1833 that Barney Flaherty was hired by the New York Sun to be its’ first newspaper carrier or paperboy, as they were known then.

National Macadamia Nut Day - Macadamias were first discovered by the Aborigines of Australia thousands of years ago.  Being high in protein, fiber, calcium, iron and potassium, they are also very healthy for an afternoon snack.  That means that when you add them to cookies, you take a sugary, unhealthy food and magically turn it into something that is very healthy, right?

Eat An Extra Dessert Day - I think that this day needs no explanation.  It is permission to do what everyone wants to do anyway.  Excuse me, but you are standing in front of the ice cream.  You might want to move before I climb over you to get at them.

To celebrate today, read your local newspaper while you eat lots and lots of chocolate macadamia nut cookies for dessert.

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