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September 13, 2014

Today we celebrate:

National Hollerin' Contest Day – Celebrations have moved from the 3rd Saturday in June to the second Saturday in September, but this is still a day to exercise those vocal cords of yours. In Spivey's Corner, North Carolina, there has been a Hollerin' Contest every year since 1969 for the purpose of commemorating and possibly reviving (though I'm not sure that's practical in this high tech telephone age) the fine art of hollerin', a long lost, long distance means of communication between people (probably mostly mothers to their children).

Defy Superstition Day – This is a day that is celebrated on the 13th on purpose. You are to overcome superstition with reason today. Discard all of your old black cat or broken mirror superstitions and any others that you are a victim of and realize that they are all hogwash.

Fortune Cookie Day – This is a day to go to a Chinese restaurant and have a fortune cookie. Many excellent pieces of wisdom have been imparted through those little cookies and many of the fortunes have come true. I can't say how many because I don't know, but we always enjoy reading them.

National Peanut Day – Peanuts are a great protein filled snack to tide you over until dinner time. As long as you are not allergic, have a handful today.  George Washington Carver was a big fan of peanuts and found over 300 different ways to use them in flours, shampoo, fuel and many, many more.

Uncle Sam Day – Proclaimed by President George Bush in 1989, this is a day to honor Samuel Wilson, who was born on this day in 1766. I never knew that Uncle Sam was a real person. He was a hard working, self sufficient, honest as the day is long, hero of our country. He worked hard to feed the American Army during the war of 1812. He became known as Uncle Sam by the soldiers during that war because of his name and the U.S. stamped on the boxes of meat that his company prepared for the men.

Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day – This day is a challenge for the children in your household. Today the kitchen is all theirs. Their job is to plan the meals, cook the meals, and clean up after the meals. This could be my new favorite day!

National Celiac Awareness Day – I know some people with celiac (which is an inability to eat gluten) and it is a miserable disease, if you don't know that you have it, because you're sick all the time with a variety of uncomfortable to downright nauseating symptoms. Then, once you are diagnosed you go through a period of time wondering what on earth you are going to be able to eat. After a while, you get used to it and it isn't so bad until you go out to eat at a restaurant or someone's house and there is gluten hidden in some dish or your food has been contaminated with a trace of gluten somehow while it is being cooked. Then you are thrown right back into being sick for days. Be aware of all allergy issues because some, like this one, can make your guests or customers very sick.

Roald Dahl Day – This is the birthday of Roald Dahl, who you have probably heard of if you have children. He is the author of a number of wonderful and mischievous children's books. Celebrate today with some mischief of your own. If you need some ideas, read a few of his books.

Farmers' Consumer Awareness Day – Celebrated on the second Saturday in September, this day was begun in 1981 when a man named Dennis Higashiyama heard a Paul Harvey radio story that talked about how regular people have no idea how their food gets to the grocery store. He began this day so the farmers can show people what they do and how they do it so we can all have a greater understanding of how hard it is to grow food.

International Drive Your Studebaker Day – Celebrated on the second Saturday in September, this is a day to drive your Studebaker everywhere today. You can go anywhere you want, just make sure you stop often so people can admire your car and so you can tell them all the reasons why you love your Studebaker so much.

International Chocolate Day - There are several chocolate celebrations over the year which is no surprise considering how delicious chocolate is.  This day was created by the National Confectioners Association.  According to the NCA, the only way to celebrate this day is to eat chocolate.  They do want to remind us to not give chocolate to our dogs because it is very bad for them.  Thankfully, it is not a problem for us to eat, I don’t mind not sharing with the dog.

International Positive Thinking Day – Any negative thoughts that come into your head today should be promptly cast out. This is a day for positive thinking ONLY! Positive thinking has more power than you realize. Positive thoughts draw positive energy your way and then you will find positive things happening in your life.  This day was created by Dr. Kirsten Harrell who has made a connection between positive thinking and the ability to live with chronic pain.

Programmer’s Day - Celebrated on the 256th day of the year (so on leap years it will be celebrated on September 12th), this is a day to recognize the programmers who have created the computer programs that we use every day.  Without programmers, computers would just be a desk ornament.  The number 256 was chosen for two reasons, both of them are meaningful to the math/computer geeks out there but not so much to the artsy/language geeks.  The first reason is that 256 is the highest power of two that is less than 365, which is the number of days in a typical year.  The second reason is that 256 is the number of different values that can be represented with an eight-bit byte.  If you don’t know what that means, you are not a computer geek.

Snack A Pickle Time - This day comes in the middle of canning season and one of the most popular things to can are cucumbers that are pickled and therefore referred to as “pickles”.  You can pickle lots of things like onions, peppers, beets but in my opinion, cucumbers are the best.  I’ve even tried my hand at making pickles this year and I have to say that they came out pretty good.  Next year, now that I know a little more about what I’m doing, they will be even better.

To celebrate today, step outside and practice hollerin’ for your children so they will come inside and start planning the gluten free meals for the day.  Make sure you keep your mind and attitude positive so they do not think you doubt their abilities.  You can help them out by suggesting that they incorporate pickles, chocolate, and peanuts in their menu, and help them use your computer to find some good kid friendly recipes.  Go out in your studebaker to a Chinese food store and get a fortune cookie so you can find out your fortune for the day, if a black cat crosses your path or another superstitious situation comes up, ignore it.  On the way home, stop at a local farm to get some healthy food that your children can use when they cook.  Finally, head home and read a Roald Dahl book to your kids and tell them about Uncle Sam while they are cooking.

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