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September 21, 2014

Today we celebrate:

National Neighborhood Day – Celebrated on the third Sunday in September, this is a day to make your neighborhood a caring community where everyone looks out for everyone else.

International Peach Day – We had lots of peach days in August, but this is a day that is for just plain old peaches. Nothing fancy. You don't need to cook them into anything, just bite into a juicy one and enjoy it.

National Pecan Cookie Day – If you like pecans, you'll like these cookies.  This recipe looks divine.

Wife Appreciation Day – Some say this is celebrated on the third Saturday of September, others say it's on the third Sunday. I'm going with the Sunday people. Show your wife how much you appreciate her today.

Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving Day – I had never heard of the Schwenkfelders so I found their brief history very interesting: You might want to read it as well. This day is celebrated on the Sunday closest to September 24th which is the anniversary of the first Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving that took place in 1734, two days after they arrived in Philadephia. The Schwenkfelders are named after their founder, Caspar Schwenkfeld who was born in 1489.  He had a different idea about the Lord's Supper and chose to split from Martin Luther and go his own way in 1526. His followers suffered nearly 200 years of persecution but were a stubborn bunch and refused to give in and convert to Catholicism or Lutheranism and finally snuck away from their homes and journeyed for several years until they all finally settled in Philadephia.

International Day of PeaceCreated by the United Nations General Assembly in 1981, this is a day that is celebrated all over the world with festivals, concerts and a moment of silence at noon in every time zone creating “a global Peace Wave”.

World's Alzheimer's Day – This is a day to raise awareness of Alzheimer's disease and dementia all around the world. Alzheimer's disease is a form of dementia and someone develops the disease every 68 seconds. It is extremely devastating in so many ways for the family of the patient to watch the slow decline of their loved one.

World Gratitude Day – This day was created by the United Nations for the purpose of encouraging people to show their gratitude for everything that we have in our lives. We all have something to be grateful for and most of us have a multitude of things if we only stop to think about it. This is a day to be creative about how you express your gratitude today. Write someone a note, post a video, give someone a hug, pay for someone's coffee, wash the dishes for your mother...that last one just kind of slipped out, but it's a really good idea.

Miniature Golf Day - This is a day to play some miniature golf, which is the only kind of golf I can really do with any kind of timeliness.  Regular golf is a full day of just watching me chase my ball all over the course.  That is when I am actually able to hit it.  At least with miniature golf there is a much smaller area to run around in.

To celebrate everything in one day, gather your neighbors and throw a peaceful, gratitude party complete with a Thanksgiving meal along with peaches and pecan cookies.  Be appreciative of your wife for helping you cook and, after you eat, take everyone to the local Miniature Golf Course for a rousing game.  Stop and share your leftovers with someone who is caring for an Alzheimer’s patient.

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