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September 9, 2014

Today we celebrate:

Wonderful Weirdos Day - Created by Tom Roy, this day is celebrated in Austin, Texas.  It is a day to be different, eclectic and, well, weird.  The slogan for the day is, “Keep Austin Weird.”

Teddy Bear Day – This is a day for kids and collectors alike. Everyone loves teddy bears, even if they are too manly to admit it.

Wienerschnitzel Day - Wienerschnitzel is a fast food chain located in the south and west of America.  This day is not about them.  This day is about the German food by the same name.  Oddly enough, the restaurant sells hot dogs but traditional wienerschnitzel, or Wiener-Schnitzel, is a thin cutlet of veal (or sometimes pork) dredged in flour, egg and breading and then sauteed until crispy.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Day – This is a day to spread awareness of the dangers of fetal alcohol syndrome and how easy it is to avoid it. Simply don't drink alcohol while you are pregnant. This syndrome includes a wide variety of physical and mental disabilities as well as emotional and behavioral problems. It also comes with a whole lot of guilt because it is so preventable.  That being said, you also don’t have to wallow in guilt if you have a few drinks before you even know you are pregnant.  My doctor told me that it takes more than that for it to create a problem.

To celebrate today, give a weird looking teddy bear and some wienerschnitzel to a pregnant friend and remind her to avoid drinking alcohol.

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