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January 17, 2015

Today we celebrate:

Ditch New Years Resolutions Day – It is by this day that most people have given up on all those promises you made in the heat of the moment on New Years Eve. You know you were unrealistic about it anyway.

Kid Inventors' Day – Today we honor the birthday of the famous inventor, among many other things, Benjamin Franklin, by celebrating the inventions made by kids. Let's get busy kids, use those incredible brains of yours and make something new!

Cable Car Day – If you have access to a Cable Car because you live in San Francisco, since I think that is the only place left in this country that has working Cable Cars, take a ride on it today. The rest of us will just have to read about it.

Hot Heads Chili Days (17-18) – This day is so hot, it needs two days to celebrate. Or maybe one day to partake and one day to recover.

Ben Franklin's Birthday – As previously mentioned, this is Benjamin Franklin's birthday. Born in 1706, he was one of our founding fathers and was just an incredible individual. If you go to Philadelphia today, you will probably see a parade in his honor.

Hot-Buttered Rum Day – This is a warm alcoholic beverage that consists of butter, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and cloves all mixed together with rum. This beverage was invented here in America in colonial days. I guess it must be good if it has lasted this long, although you don’t generally hear someone order one at a bar.

To celebrate today, forget about whatever New Year's resolutions you may have made and hop on a cable car to Philadelphia to watch the parade. Yes, I know it doesn't go that far so just go as far as it will take you and then rent a car to go the rest of the way. Have your kids work on their inventions on the way. Then have some chili with some hot-buttered rum.

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