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January 27, 2015

Today we celebrate:

Punch The Clock Day – I don't know if anyone uses time cards inserted into a time clock at work anymore. I did when I was younger and I worked at Kmart. We had to punch a clock at the beginning and end of every shift as well as at the beginning and end of every break. This is a day to honor everyone who has to punch a clock at work.

National Chocolate Cake Day – I don't think this day needs any explanation. If you like chocolate cake, today is your day!

Thomas Crapper Day – On this day in 1910, Thomas Crapper died. While he did not invent the toilet, he did improve it by inventing various devices to make it work better like the ballcock (that floating device that stops the water flowing when the water gets to the right height in the tank).  Our toilets would not work nearly as well as they do without Mr. Crapper’s ingenuity.

Aushwitz Liberation Day – On this day in 1945, the Soviet Army liberated Aushwitz (a concentration, extermination and forced labor camp) and its' remaining 7,000 prisoners. Most of whom were very ill and dying which is why they were not included in the 60,000 prisoners who were forced to march to Wodzislaw ahead of the Soviet invasion.

Holocaust Memorial Day – Today is a day to remember the millions of people who were murdered in the Holocaust. It begins this evening and ends tomorrow evening.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day – The United Nations General Assembly created this day and urge all of their member nations to develop educational programs for the purpose of spreading knowledge of the horror of the Holocaust and preventing genocides from happening in the future.

Vietnam Peace Day – On this day in 1973, the Vietnam Peace Agreement was signed ending the Vietnam War. Most were greatly relieved that it was over as it was a pretty disastrous undertaking.

To celebrate today, teach your children about the inner workings of your toilet before you get into the very deep topic about the Holocaust and what was found in Aushwitz.  Be sure to do this in an age appropriate way so that when they are older they don't try to mastermind their own genocide, then share some chocolate cake with your Vietnamese neighbors.

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