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January 22, 2015

Today we celebrate:

National Blonde Brownie Day – If you're not a fan of chocolate, these are the perfect solution for you.

National Answer Your Cat's Question Day – For all those cat lovers out there, your job today is to pay extra attention to what your cat is doing so that you can ascertain when your cat has a question and what it might be. Do they rub your leg or twitch their whiskers just so, when they want to know something? Every cat is different so pay close attention. Then, do your best to answer the question. For example, your cat might want to ask you, “Why do I have to go to the vet?” or “Why do you freak out when I present you with a dead mouse present?”

Celebration Of Life Day – We have all been given the wondrous gift of life. Some of us have had life altering experiences which cause us to realize just what an incredible gift that is, but today all of us must live life to the fullest, like it is our last chance to do so.  The sad but real truth is that for many of us on this planet, it is our last day.  Hopefully that is not the case for you or anyone you know, but you can’t have this many people billions of people living on the Earth without some of them dying every day.  Don’t take the gift that has been given to you for granted.

Data Innovation Day – For the third year, we will be celebrating information by participating in an online virtual conference of data scientists, technologists, civic leaders and more to talk about how data is making the world a better place. Sign up at the link I have provided to participate between 12 noon and 4 PM EST.

Women's Healthy Weight Day – Celebrated on the Thursday of the third full week of January, this is a day to celebrate the fact that there is a different healthy weight for everyone. So today we honor women of all shapes and sizes who strive to be a healthy weight no matter what that number on the scale happens to be.

Roe vs. Wade Day – On this day in 1973, the Supreme Court of the United States upheld the right of women to have an abortion. Their vote was 7 – 2 in favor of Roe. It was a very controversial topic back then and nothing really has happened to change that.  I work in a building that is located near a Planned Parenthood facility and there are frequently Anti-Abortion picketers hanging out with their signs outside the building.  There are many others who are equally vocal on the other side of the issue.

To celebrate today give your cats, assuming you have any, extra attention and answer any and all questions they have about abortion. Then, make some blonde brownies while you participate in the online Data Innovation Day conference before you do something wild and crazy to live life to the fullest like riding a bronco or bungee jumping or going fishing with your children or simply stopping to watch the sunrise, or the sunset for the late risers among you.

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