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January 5, 2015

Today we celebrate:

National Whipped Cream Day – Born on this day in 1914, Aaron Soffer “Bunny” Lapin (do not ask me who gave him that nickname) became the founder of Reddi-Wip. He was the first one to think of putting whipped cream into an aerosol can, and I'm sure we are all grateful to him. Although some consider this holiday to be insensitive and in bad taste given the state of hunger and malnutrition in the world, however you could make that complaint about lots of other food days on any given day of the year.

National Bird Day - Nearly one-third of the world's parrot species face extinction along with 12 percent of the world's nearly 10,000 bird species. Find a lot of other fascinating information on their website where they are celebrating this day for the 13th year. One thing they hope to accomplish is to spread awareness of the problems of the captive bird trade.  We have laws to protect our native birds from captivity, but nothing prevents anyone from owning and selling captive birds from other countries.

National Weigh-In Day – Celebrated the first Monday after New Years Day, this is a day to weigh yourself to see how bad the Holidays were. Then make your weight goals for the year. Do you need to lose weight, stay the same or gain weight?  And, yes, needing to gain weight can be a thing.  My father, for example, forgets to eat so he needs to gain a few pounds in order to get to a healthy weight.  I know, I’m jealous, too.  

Thank God It's Monday” Day – This is a day to change our whole thought process regarding Monday. If we start to welcome Mondays every week instead of dreading them, our entire week will be much more positive. Try it and you'll see that I'm right.

To celebrate today, Thank God that it’s Monday, and then weigh yourself before you eat whipped cream right from the Reddi-Wip can while you watch the birds.

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