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January 20, 2015

Today we celebrate:

National Bill Cosby Sweater Day – This is a day to celebrate the amazing collection of sweaters that Bill Cosby wore when he was in “The Cosby Show” years ago. If you are old enough to remember that show, you will remember those sweaters. So dig around in your drawers or in your attic and find your best Cosby type sweater to wear today.

National Coffee Break Day – This is a day with dubious origins but the basic idea is pretty obvious. Enjoy your coffee break today.

National Buttercrunch Day – I like chocolate but I'm not a big fan of stuff mixed into it so I'll take a pass on this day. But for all those buttercrunch lovers, here's a recipe for you to try.

National Cheese Lover's Day – Finally! A day that my husband can get excited about. Cheese predates written history so we're not sure who first started the cheese making process. But there is some speculation that it was begun by Nomadic tribes who carried their milk in animal skins and organs. If milk is carried in an animal stomach, it will turn to curds and whey which doesn't sound appealing, but it's the beginning of the turn into cheese process, so the nomads probably enjoyed it.

National Penguin Awareness Day – Several species of these non-flying birds are endangered due to oil spills, climate changes and eroding habitat. A sad plight for this adorable little animal. Did you know that the Magellanic Penguin is named after Ferdinand Magellan? Mr. Magellan was the first to see them way back in 1520. Sadly, they live off the coast of Argentina, a place that apparently experiences a lot of oil spills and thousands of these adorable creatures are killed every year as a result.

Camcorder Day – Does anyone still have one of these? They were the latest, most exciting gadget when I was young. These days we usually use digital cameras to take videos.

National Disc Jockey Day – I think that most everyone listens to the radio at some point in their day. Today is the day to call up your favorite disc jockey and tell them how much you appreciate what they do. Where would we be without invisible people speaking to us and playing music for us through little boxes in our cars and houses?

Rid The World Of Fad Diets And Gimmicks Day – The Tuesday of the third full week of January is the day to realize the uselessness of fad diets that don't work long term, and sometimes not even short term, along with the gimmicks you can spend tons of money on that don't reduce the weight of anything but your wallet.

National Kick A Ginger Day - This day was created by fans of “South Park”.  They aired an episode that paralleled the holocaust using Red-Haired people instead of Jewish people as the recipients of the unreasonable discrimination and hatred.  It is apparently supposed to be a warning against such behavior so as a joke, fans created this day.  I would recommend that you do not actually kick any Gingers today.

To celebrate today, ditch the fad diet, warn your children against violence against anyone, particularly Gingers today, and dress up as a penguin wearing a Bill Cosby sweater, eat nothing but cheese and buttercrunch all day while you listen to your favorite Disk Jockey. Then, find your old camcorder and record your co-workers on their coffee breaks.

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