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January 9, 2015

Today we celebrate:

National Apricot Day – Apricots are one of my daughter's favorite fruits. Full of Vitamin A and beta-carotene, they are a delicious and nutritious option if you get tired of peaches.

Play God Day – This is meant to be a day where you are inspired to do something good for someone else, but people seem to be wary of well meaning interference that causes more problems than it solves so be cautious of your choice of good deed.

Panama's Martyr Day – This is a day for Panamanians to salute the martyrdom of soldiers who lost their lives on this day in 1964, defending their nation. Many other countries also celebrate Martyr Day, but they do it on different days of the year depending on their unique historical events.

National Static Electricity Day – We've all experienced static electricity. Well today you can show your kids how static electricity will make balloons stick to walls. This Bill Nye the Science Guy video will help.

Balloon Ascension Day – Dig out that hot air balloon you've been keeping in the closet. Today is the day to blow it up and take a ride. This day in 1793 was apparently the first recorded trip in a hot air balloon by Jean Pierre Blanchard and was witnessed by General George Washington.

To celebrate today, have some apricots while you watch the static electricity video. Then blow up your hot air balloon and take it for a ride. Play God by throwing some money to the peasants below you as you float by (not that God does this but since you can't do anything that God can do, it was all I could come up with) and salute Panama's martyred soldiers.

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