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March 13, 2015

Today we celebrate:

Digital Learning Day – This is a day that is all about giving children an opportunity to excel in college and their future careers by using technology in schools. Learning in a digital environment improves the quality of education for all students.

National Ear Muff Day - On this day in 1877, in Farmington, Maine, Chester Greenwood received a patent for his invention of ear muffs. He invented them when he was fifteen years old with some sewing help from his grandmother. By the time he was 19, he had perfected the flaws in his invention and applied for a patent. That invention was his first and although when he died at the age of 79, he had acquired over 130 patents, he still made the ear muffs that had been his beginning.

National Jewel Day – Women, and men too for that matter, have been dazzled by sparkly jewels since the beginning of recorded time, and maybe even earlier. People will even kill each other for them. Please don't be doing that today, but if you love jewels, wear the ones you have or buy some new ones.

Ken Day – On this day in 1961, Ken Carson, was debuted at a toy fair and began a long, long courtship of Barbie. I believe they broke up for a time about ten or so years ago, and I'm not sure what happened after that. I try to stay out of doll drama.

National Coconut Torte Day – A very rich dessert for coconut lovers.

Donald Duck Day – Many people think this day falls on June 9th, assuming that his birthday is the day of his Hollywood Film debut. However, these people would be incorrect. In the comics, there is an actual date when Donald's nephews were despairing of finding 'Unca Donald' a birthday gift. The wall calendar showed the date of March 13th. Therefore, Happy Birthday Donald Duck. I hope your nephews eventually figured out a good gift.

Good Samaritan Involvement Day – On this day in 1964 in Queens, NY, Catherine “Kitty” Genovese was attacked and stabbed to death while many of her neighbors heard and even saw what was happening and did absolutely nothing to help her. So today, is a day to get involved and help people who need it. While the majority of us will hopefully never witness a horrible crime like what happened to Catherine, you don't need to wait for something that extreme in order to step in and help someone who needs it.

K-9 Veterans Day – On this day in 1942, the United States K-9 Corps was born. We are used to seeing dogs working with the police now, but back then it was new and revolutionary.  They help our country in many other areas as well. The FBI, United States Military, Border Patrol, Search and Rescue, and many, many law enforcement agencies utilize their unique talents.

L. Ron Hubbard Day – Born on this day in Nebraska in the year 1911, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard became a well known science fiction author and eventually founded the Church of Scientology.

National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day – Today is the day to conduct a scientific experiment. You know the old superstition about bad luck coming upon you if you open an umbrella indoors? Well, open an umbrella indoors today and see if it causes you any bad luck. The trick, if you have some bad luck, is to try to figure out if you would have had bad luck anyway with or without the umbrella. This is best accomplished by comparing notes with other experimenters. If the premise that opening umbrellas indoors makes bad luck is accurate, then I surmise that everyone who does it will have bad luck.  If even one of you does not have bad luck then it all falls under the category of coincidence.

To celebrate today, call a local school to tell them about how important digital technology is to learning. Then, wear your ear muffs all day and open your umbrella in the house to test your luck. Next, keep your eyes open for opportunities to help someone while you stop by a jewelry store for a new little gem, and a toy store for a new Ken doll...don't worry you can give it to your favorite niece. When you get home, watch a Donald Duck cartoon, and read an L. Ron Hubbard book. Finally, this evening, indulge in a coconut torte while you tell your kids all about how talented the K-9's are in our country.

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