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March 14, 2015

Today we celebrate a creature I cannot stand.  Any guesses?

Genealogy Day or Descendents Day – Celebrated on the second Saturday in March, this is a day to dig deep. Unearth your family tree and dig out all the skeletons that are lurking there. Who did you come from? Who and where did they come from? Genealogy is a mystery and you need to start finding clues in order to solve it.

International Fanny Pack Day – Also celebrated on the second Saturday in March, this is a day to remember when you got your first fanny pack and if you still have one, wear it today out of nostalgia. While I wouldn't go so far as to call a fanny pack fashionable, it is certainly useful. Something I appreciate more, the older I get. Interesting correlation, don't you think? Maybe I really am turning into my mother!

Learn About Butterflies Day – Did you know there is a butterfly called the Question Mark Butterfly? This was new information for me. It's also true that the vast majority of butterflies live in the tropics and who can blame them. We get snowflakes big enough to knock a butterfly out of the sky here where I live. For more butterfly information see this page:

National Pi Day – Pi (the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter) is a very special number that begins with 3.14159 and continues into infinity without repetition or a pattern of any kind. It has been calculated to one trillion numbers after it's decimal point and I think that whoever did that had lots of time on his/her hands.

National Save A Spider Day – No, I don't think so. Today we are supposed to appreciate the strength and predatory skills of the spider. We are supposed to admire them and save them from the certain death they will experience if they are found in my house. I'll admire them all right, just as long as they stay outside and away from me. My daughter loves spiders and constantly reminds me that they are useful because they eat bugs, which I do appreciate. Really. Outside. Seriously. I had a spider crawl inside my ear where it lived for 3 days while I thought I had water bubbling around in my ear. Therefore, all spiders in my house must die! Immediately!

National Potato Chip Day – This is a day to indulge in your favorite potato chip.  Whether you like flavored chips or plain old salty ones, pick your poison and chow down.

International Ask A Question Day – Celebrated on Albert Einstein's birthday, today is a day to ask all the questions that have been puzzling your mind. “Question everything,” is something that Mr. Einstein was quoted as saying and it is how he lived his life.

To celebrate today, wear a fanny pack filled with potato chips for you to snack on while you research your genealogy and calculate pi as far as you can with paper and pencil.  Then, ask a spider a question about whether butterflies are tasty. I bet it will know the answer.

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