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March 28, 2015

Today we celebrate:

Brother & Sister Day - Always on the last Saturday in March, this is a day to celebrate the bond between siblings.  Most of us grow up hating or at least barely tolerating our siblings. There are a few who love each other from day one, but they are pretty rare.  However, something almost magical happens as we grow and mature and see our siblings as people instead of rivals for the last scoop of ice cream, our love for each other grows as well.  My sister and I fought constantly when we were very young, then as teenagers we began to really get to know each other and now I love her like crazy and can’t imagine life without her.

National Black Forest Cake Day – Layers of chocolate cake, whipped cream and cherries. What could be more delicious? This cake can have a surprising number of calories, but I know that if you look carefully, you'll find a delicious low-cal recipe.

National Something On A Stick Day – Corn dogs and popsicles are not the only things that can be put on a stick and eaten. Kebobs are probably a little healthier, but you could take quite a few foods and put them on a stick so you don't need to use utensils today.

Earth Hour – On this day at 8:30 PM local time, turn off your lights for one hour. No, I am not crazy. This is a time to focus on our planet. This is a day to think about the resources that go into our daily lives and how we can best conserve them in order to save this planet for our grandchildren. 

Barnum And Bailey Day – On this day in 1881, P.T. Barnum and James A. Bailey merged their circuses and created the “Greatest Show On Earth”. The Ringling Brothers purchased it in 1907 and in 1919 added their name to the title.

Weed Appreciation Day – Weeds are just not given enough credit. People are always pulling them up and throwing them aside but did you know that you can eat some weeds? Young dandelion greens are good in a salad, I hear. Even weeds serve a purpose in the circle of life.

To celebrate today, have some Black Forest cake on a stick with your siblings while you wander your garden appreciating your weeds and imagining where you will put the Big Top when the circus arrives a little later. Oh...did I forget to tell you that they're coming? My bad. At 8:30 turn off your lights for an hour.  Then put them back on and go online to see what else you can do to help the earth.

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