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March 6, 2015

Today we celebrate:

National Salesperson Day - Celebrated on the first Friday in March, this day was created in March of 2000 by Maura Schreier-Fleming, president of Best@Selling.  On December 5th, we celebrated Salesperson Day, which celebrated the salespeople themselves.  Today is a National day that celebrates the salespeople AND the hard work that they do every day.  You see the difference?  Yeah, I don’t really either, but that’s ok.  Salespeople put up with a lot of abuse from people who are tired of standing on line, unhappy about prices, annoyed by the other customers, and frustrated by products that either don’t do what they are supposed to do or that they can’t make do what the customers think they are supposed to do.  So they deserve two days.

National Frozen Food Day – This is a day to celebrate all the food that is in your freezer. The ability to freeze food so that you can save it for a later time is invaluable to anyone who is too busy to cook something fresh every night. I love to make extra when I cook and freeze some for dinner another night. Thaw something out for your dinner tonight.

Oreo Cookie Day – According to CBS News, the first Oreo cookie was sold on this day in 1912. Oreos are the best selling cookie in America, I understand. Now made by Nabisco, they have undergone several name changes and company changes over the years.

Sofia Kovalevskaya Math Day – Born on January 15, 1850, Sofia (also known as Sonia) was the first major Russian mathematician and the first woman to be made a full professor in Northern Europe. At one point her father, a Lieutenant -General in the Russian Army, forbade her to study mathematics because he believed that education was wasted on women. So she studied secretly. She encountered roadblocks and discrimination at every turn in her career and she found a way to get around it every time. Including arranging a fictitious marriage with her friend, Vladimir Kovalevsky, so that she could get written permission (as required for women at the time) from him, as her husband, to attend school abroad. Sadly, she died of the flu in 1891.  Many schools celebrated this day on different days in March depending on when they have time in their schedules.

Middle Name Pride Day – This is a day to be proud of your middle name and tell everyone what it is. Some people don't particularly like their middle names and some people actually hate it and refuse to tell anyone what it is. But put aside those feelings today, find something in your middle name that you can be proud of and share it with everyone.  My middle name is Ann.  What’s yours?

Dress In Blue Day – Celebrated on the first Friday in March, this is a day to wear the color blue in order to raise awareness of colon cancer. It is difficult to detect colon cancer without an exam because the early symptoms can be easily dismissed since they could be related to something minor that happens periodically, such as diarrhea.  So make sure you talk with your doctor about when and how often you should have your colon checked.

Employee Appreciation Day – Another holiday celebrated on the first Friday in March, this day was begun in 1995 by Workman Publishing in order to focus positive, appreciative attention on all employees in every industry.

World Day Of Prayer – Yet another first Friday of March celebration, this day is a day to bring together Christian women of all different races, traditions and cultures. The goal is to become closer in fellowship and actions. This year the host country is the Bahamas, you are invited to "come and be washed in God's ever-flowing ocean of grace: to bask in the iridescent light of Christ's love, and to be embraced by [God's] Holy Spirit with the cooling trade-winds of transformation."

Dentists Day – Dentists get a bad rap for some reason. Oral hygiene is very important for your overall health. Even your heart suffers when there are problems with your mouth so make an appointment today and get your teeth checked out. Maybe they have a new flavor of fluoride you can try.

National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day – White chocolate and cheesecake is a combination that I find to be a little too sweet. But most people like things that are really sweet so enjoy it.

National Day of Unplugging – Celebrated on the first Friday in March, this is a day to turn off your cell phone, computer, iwhatever, gaming device and any other electronic device you may have. It begins at sunset today and ends at sunset tomorrow. So get outside, enjoy some sunshine if you can find some, enjoy some peace and spend some quality time with your family and friends. It’s supposed to be almost 31 degrees Fahrenheit where I live today and on Saturday we should get a high temperature of 42 degrees which is positively hot compared to what we have been living with so it’s a great day to get outside, you won’t even have to bundle up much.

To celebrate today, wear blue clothing and head to the dentist for a cleaning and checkup, making sure you tell him/her your middle name. Stop at a handy store and thank the salespeople employees there for their hard work.  Unplug your electronics and run down to the Bahamas for the World Day of Prayer.  Then return home in time to help your kids practice some of their math skills while you warm up some frozen food for dinner and then have some white chocolate cheesecake and Oreo cookies for dessert.

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