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March 22, 2015

Today we celebrate:

Def Leppard Day – Declared by the Mayor of Las Vegas in 2013, this is a day to celebrate the fact that two years ago Def Leppard moved to Las Vegas.

National Goof Off Day – This is a day to relax and do absolutely nothing, otherwise known as goofing off.  I’m sure you don’t need any advice on how to accomplish that.  We all have a need to goof off now and then so feel free to indulge yourself today.

World Water Day – This is a United Nations sponsored day, that began in 1993, to bring attention to the danger our freshwater supply is in because of  pollution. This year the theme for the day is “Water and Sustainable Development”. The UN says that, “It’s about how water links to all areas we need to consider to create the future we want.

As Young As You Feel Day – This day goes well with National Goof Off Day. You are as young as you feel, so do things that make you feel younger. Play with some kids, run outside, go for a hike, play some video games, take a nap. Whatever it is that you like to do that makes you feel younger than your age.

International Day Of The Seal – Created by Congress in 1982, there are some who believe it is celebrated on different days, but the most reliable looking information I could find says it is today. This is a day to bring attention to the problem of seal hunting. If people keep killing these beautiful creatures for sport, there won't be any left which would be very sad for people but will cause even bigger problems for the animals that hunt seals for food.

To celebrate today, listen to Def Leppard music all day, goof off by grabbing your kids and going to visit a zoo like you used to when you were a kid. While you're there, watch the seals play in their pool of water.

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