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March 19, 2015

Today we celebrate:

Certified Nurses Day - On this day we honor nurses all around the world who pursue national board certification in a multitude of medical specialties.  This certification ensures that they have the advanced skills that they need in order to help patients achieve the best outcome possible.  This is also a day to encourage all nurses to advance their skills and careers by choosing to pursue certification.  

National Poultry Day – Poultry is not just chicken. It could be any domesticated bird raised for meat or eggs. Be creative today, try something you've never tried before like quail or pheasant.

Swallows Return To San Juan Capistrano Day – I don't know how these birds know what day it is but apparently they are always on time and there is a big festival to celebrate their return. The scout swallows come first to make sure everything is ready for the party.

Operation Iraqi Freedom Day – On this day in 2003, President George W. Bush got on the television and announced the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The mission was to rid Iraq of Saddam Hussein and stop Iraq from being able to produce weapons of mass destruction.  It didn’t quite work out the way they expected, but ultimately the goal was reached.

National Chocolate Caramel Day – Ok, I admit it, I'm salivating right now. I love chocolate and caramel which is why I never have any of it around. But since today is a special day, I guess I just have to go out and get some.

Companies That Care DayCelebrated on the third Thursday of March, this day encourages employers to recognize the people that help make their company successful, whether they are employees or members of the community, and to find ways for the company to make a difference in improving their community for the benefit of everyone.

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day – This day was created by Camp Fire USA, and is always celebrated on the third Thursday in March, to remind us that kids need positive encouragement in their lives. To that end, your job is to write a love letter to your kids or to kids that are important to your life whether they are yours or not. This is one of those goofy sounding things that your kids will scoff at, but will also, in all likelihood, treasure for the rest of their lives. If you go on the website you can download Absolutely Incredible Kid Day stationery to use.

To celebrate today, encourage the nurses you know to try for certification in a specialty they are interested in.  Then, suggest to your boss that they should have a special community event today before you head to San Juan Capistrano to greet the swallows. When you get back, tell your kids all about Operation Iraqi Freedom while you have some pheasant and chocolate caramels for dinner.

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