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April 14, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Grump People's Day – Today is a day to get your inner grumpiness out and revel in it. Complain about everything that is wrong with our society today, you know you want to and now is your chance.

National Pecan Day – You've heard of pecan pie, but there are many other things you probably don't know about pecans such as the fact that pecans are full of antioxidants. Check out this site to find out:

Ex Spouse Day – There are a lot of divorces going around these days, and it's not something that you usually celebrate. However, if you are divorced for a good reason, it is an excellent thing to celebrate and celebrate you should today. Have a party! Live it up! Good riddance to the ex!

International Moment Of Laughter Day – Created by Izzy Gezell, this is a day to acknowledge the power that laughter holds. There really is no stronger medicine.

Look Up At The Sky Day – How often do we just go about our business and not pay attention to what is going on around us? Well, today, instead of stopping to smell the roses, stop and look at the sky. What is going on up there today? Is there a beautiful sunrise or sunset? Are there clouds in interesting shapes? Is it going to rain?

Reach As High As You Can Day – Today is a day to strive to go as far and as high as you can with whatever you are trying to do, whether you are trying to reach the cookie jar on top of the refrigerator or trying to get that promotion at work.

Children With Alopecia Day – This is a disease in which the immune system attacks the hair follicles, causing hair to fall out. While it helps sufferers to save a great deal of money on hair cuts, it is also a disease that affects children's self-esteem as many of them are teased about it. I have even heard of children being isolated and ostracized because other children were afraid that it would be contagious. Find out more here:

Pan American Day – Celebrated every year on this day as a “commemorative symbol of the American nations and the voluntary union of all in one continental community”. This union was established on this day in 1890. On May 7, 1930, this day was adopted by the Governing Board of the Pan American union in official legal language with all the requisite whereas's and pursuant to's included. It's all here if you want to see it:

To celebrate today, complain frequently about your ex spouse or ex boyfriend/girlfriend and laugh about their silly habits that made you crazy. Then sit under the skies and share some pecan pie with a kid in your neighborhood that has alopecia while you work together to make construction paper flags of all the American countries, strive to do your very best to make them as realistic as possible. Keep an eye on the clouds to see if you see any interesting shapes.

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