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April 8, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Empanada Day – You can turn almost anything into an empanada by wrapping it in bread dough. That makes them a pretty portable, easily packed lunch option.

All Is Ours Day – Look around you today and notice all of the wonderful things that the world provides for us. Then realize that much of what you see belongs to everyone, not just you. So don't be greedy.

Draw A Picture Of A Bird Day – Begun in the 1940's in the United Kingdom, this is a day to draw pictures of birds. Originally, you could only use pencils, then some years ago, crayons were added as an acceptable drawing implements. Just recently, computer drawing packages were allowed as well. Enjoy.

Buddha Day – Known as Vesakha, or Buddha's birthday, the date of celebration varies depending on which culture's calender you follow. The Chinese calendar places the day on the 8th day of the 4th month, which would be today. On this day Buddhists are expected to gather at their temples for a day full of symbolism and reflection upon Buddha's words.

Trading Cards For Grown-Ups Day – Trading cards are not just for kids, grown ups can get into the action today too, without feeling like they are silly.

To celebrate today, draw some lovely pictures of birds, then locate a Buddhist Temple in your area and leave them on the doorstep as a respectful gift in honor of Buddha. Then run to the store and get some trading cards in the sport of your choice. When you get home, eat your lunch of empanada's outside so that you can look around and find the things in the world around you that you share with everyone else like the warm, energy producing sunshine, and the beautiful flowers that the bees and insects use for food, and the oxygen-providing trees.

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