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April 16, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Eggs Benedict Day – An English muffin topped with ham or bacon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. It sounds pretty delicious to me, but if you have a different way of making your Eggs Benedict, feel free to change it up. I couldn't determine which Benedict these eggs were named after, every Benedict in history seems to have some sort of story attached to them whereby they claim credit.

National Baked Ham With Pineapple Day – Well, I hope you didn't eat too much ham yesterday because you're having more today. This time you can put pineapple with it, though, so that will change it up for you.

National Librarian Day, National Library Day, National Library Workers Day – No matter what you call it, this is a day devoted to honoring Libraries of all kinds and anyone who works in them. We depend upon our libraries for help with all kinds of issues whether we need access to computers or information or help with a school project. Our libraries are there for us.

National Health Care Decisions Day – This is a day to educate and inspire you to make your health care decisions BEFORE you are in dire need because of an emergency. You need to plan ahead, people, because no one leaves their house in the morning thinking that this is the day I'm going to have an accident and end up in the hospital before nightfall.

One Day Without Shoes Day – This is a day to raise awareness of children's health and education issues by going barefoot. I'm really not sure how going barefoot raises awareness of anything but foot health issues, but that's just me. Maybe your feet end up hurting so much it inspires you to feel badly for sick and uneducated children everywhere. Or maybe it's because children with serious health and education issues are generally found in very poor areas where they cannot afford shoes.

World Voice Day – Today is a day to celebrate our voices, without which it would be far more difficult to communicate on a daily basis, especially when we are in trouble and need to call for help. We love voices so much we pay some people, with really great sounding voices, millions of dollars just so that we can listen to them lift their voices in song.

National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day – Some sites claim that this day is supposed to be celebrated on April 18th, but the most reliable that I could find say it is celebrated today, the day after taxes are due so you can have a day to decompress after all the stress of doing your taxes. So don't worry about picking out just the right outfit today and just stay in your pajamas. As long as you are decently covered. Just saying what needs to be said.

To celebrate today keep your shoes in the closet, you won't need them today. You won't need work clothes either so stay in your pajamas. For breakfast have some Eggs Benedict, made the way you like them. Then its off to work you go. Instead of speaking to people, you should sing your conversations with your co-workers. After work is over, (assuming you haven't been sent to the psychiatric wing of the hospital) head to the library to research the health care decisions you need to make today. Finally, finish up the day with some delicious baked ham with pineapple for dinner.

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