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May 1, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Grump Out Day – All of you grumpy people out there need to put on your happy faces today. This is a day to stop all the grumpiness, complaining, sourness, and striking out. Shake off the sour mood today, you can go back to your normal grumpy self tomorrow.

May Day – An ancient spring festival celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere. It originated in pre-Christian times as the festival of the Roman goddess of flowers, Flora.

Beltane Day – The celtic name for May Day.

Loyalty Day – Begun in 1921, this is a day to reaffirm our loyalty to the United States of America and to recognize our heritage of freedom.

Mother Goose Day – Founded in 1987 by Gloria T. Delamar when her book about Mother Goose was published. We've all been raised on Mother Goose rhymes and read them to our children. But I have recently encountered children who have never heard of Mother Goose. What a tragedy.

Save the Rhino Day – This is a day for us to be aware of the danger Rhinoceros's face. Their numbers are dwindling and we need to support those who are fighting for the survival of the species.

National Chocolate Parfait Day – Parfait means different things in different countries. In France a parfait is frozen custard mixed with whipped cream, here in America it is layers of pudding alternated with whipped cream and/or anything else that you think would taste delicious and sweet.

National Train Day – On this day in 1971, Amtrak first went into service. They began this holiday in 2008 to promote the advantages of rail travel and the history of trains in this country.

Batman Day – On this day in 1939, Batman first appeared in comic books. He was so popular at that time that the next year he got to star in a comic book named after him.

Executive Coaching Day – This is a day to applaud executives that don't have a job, they have a profession. And they take it seriously enough that they are willing to go the extra mile and help others in their profession by coaching them. Everyone benefits when this happens. The organization and the coaches and the workers being coached.

Law Day – This year the Emancipation Proclamation is 150 years old. This day is for reflecting on the work that has been done to promote equality in the past and to see where work still remains to be done. The goal is for all people to be equal, all forms of discrimination to be eradicated and for human trafficking and other human rights violations to be ended.

Lei Day – This is a Hawaiian celebration although I don't see why everyone can't join in. Many Hawaiian inspired activities are planned for today such as, brace for the shock.....the making of leis.

Keep Kids Alive! Drive 25 Day – This is a day to pay attention to how you drive on neighborhood streets where kids are likely to be playing. I know in my neighborhood it is very common to see people speeding off to work or back home again and I have witnessed a couple of near misses with cars and people. Please be careful everyone and drive slowly in neighborhoods.

New Homeowner's Day – On this day we celebrate everyone who has bought a new home. If you know a new homeowner personally, today is a good day to drop in and get a tour of their new place.

Silver Star Service Banner Day – Created by the Silver Star Families Of America, this day was accepted by all 50 states and then by the U.S. Congress. President Obama signed the resolution on April 29, 2011. The Silver Star Service Banner is a symbol that reminds American's of those who have sacrificed for us. It is reserved for our brave men and women who have been wounded or contracted a serious injury or a sickness while in a war zone. It may be flown by anyone as a symbol of remembrance and honor.

National Day To Prevent Teen Pregnancy – For the last twelve years, this has been a day for preventing teens from getting pregnant and becoming parents too early in their lives. I have a couple of teenagers so I'm all for this day.

To celebrate today, pick some flowers and make yourself a special May Day lei, then recite the Pledge of Allegiance to reaffirm your loyalty while you read the Batman comics and Mother Goose rhymes that you found in the closet. Next, make sure you talk to your teen about how to avoid becoming pregnant. The surest way is to not have sex, of course, but teens don't always seem to think of that one. Then ride your pet rhino to the nearest train station to watch the train go by on your way to work to coach the workers there so they can improve their work habits. On the way home, make sure your rhino doesn't go any faster than 25 miles per hour in your neighborhood. Drop in on a new neighbor to welcome them on their new home purchase. Then wander the neighborhood looking for Silver Star Service Banners so you can thank the owner for his/her service and sacrifice. Finally, go home and complain about absolutely everything you can think of to your family while you eat your chocolate parfait.

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