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April 28, 2013

Since I'm not going to have time to get on my computer this weekend, I'm going to go ahead and post Sunday's celebrations early so if you're looking for Saturday, just scroll down the page and you'll see it.

Today, Sunday, we celebrate:

National Blueberry Pie Day – My brother-in-law's favorite dessert. He asks for this instead of cake for his birthday.

Great Poetry Reading Day – Today is a day to read great poetry and I have just the website for you. I have many poems that I enjoy, most of them were written for kids by Shel Silverstein. I'm not sure what that says about me, but there you go. On this website you can find many poets and apparently you can publish your own as well. This link takes you to one of my favorites.

Kiss Your Mate Day – Today is the day to kiss your spouse (boyfriend or girlfriend) if you have one, if you don't, next choice is your kids. If you don't have any of them, find a willing stranger. Unless you live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where kissing a stranger is illegal. And since it's Sunday, if you live in Hartford, CT you'll have to skip this day if you're married as it's illegal for a man to kiss his wife on Sundays and I don't promote illegal activities on this blog. More fun kissing information can be found at this site (It's two years old but still relevant):

Biological Clock Day – Our biological clocks do more than nag us about the right time to have babies. Our clocks tell us when it's time to sleep and when it's time to wake up as well. This is what gets messed up when we travel to different time zones. Amazingly enough, they also control our metabolism, and our temperature and blood pressure among other things.

Lag B'omer – A Jewish holiday, this day represents a break in the season between Passover and Shavuot. This is the 33rd day of the 50 that are between those two events. It is a lifting of the mourning practices that occur during this time.

National Pet Parent's Day – Celebrated on the last Sunday in April, this is a day to give appreciation to the special people who open their hearts and their homes to pets of all kinds.

Mother, Father Deaf Day – Also on the last day of April, this is a day to honor the deaf parents of hearing children.

Workers Memorial Day – Each day world wide, a worker dies in a preventable workplace incident every 15 seconds. This is a day to honor those people who didn't get up to go to work expecting to never come home. All they were trying to do is take care of their families. Our companies need to take better care of their most valuable resource; their people.

To celebrate today, practice saying your favorite poem using handsigns and then make a blueberry pie for yourself or any other workers in the family to thank them for putting their lives at risk every day they go to work. Then give your mate a big, smoochy kiss. If you don't have a spouse, make it a tamer kiss for the kids or they will surely complain. And for your older kids' peace of mind, make sure you don't kiss them in front of their friends. If you're going for a stranger, you're on your own, I'm not helping you figure that out. Then, recite your favorite poem to your hapless victim to calm him/her down, then you can see if he/she is Jewish and wants to get married. If he/she is a deaf parent, even better since you can use your brand new handsigning skills. If the marriage idea is a good one, you can do it today as it is common for Jewish couples to marry on this day of celebration. Finally, if you have a pet, congratulate yourself on being a great pet parent. If not, what are you waiting for?

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