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April 26, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Pretzel Day – One of my favorite things to eat and one of the few things I really miss since I've gone gluten free. Gluten free pretzels just aren't the same. If you look around, you might even find a free pretzel to be had today. Last year, Auntie Annie's had buy one get one free deals. You had to like their facebook page to get the coupon.

Richter Scale Day – The Richter Scale was created by Charles Richter in 1935 and, as everyone in California knows, it measures the size of earthquakes. The largest one measured so far since it's creation was a 9.5 in Chile on May 22, 1960. This day is significant in that Charles Richter was born on this day in 1900.

Hug An Australian Day – A day that was created by the people of, this day is about showing appreciation for our good friends, the Australians. They are easy to spot if you can get them to speak because of their wonderful accent that I could listen to all day long.

Audubon Day – John James Audubon was born on this day in 1785. He was an artist who dedicated more than 30 years of his life to drawing as many different kinds of birds as he could find. The Audubon Society was created after his death by one of his wife's students, George Bird Grinnell, for the purpose of studying and protecting birds everywhere. And yes, as far as I can find out, that is Mr. Grinnell's real name.

National Kids And Pets Day – This is a day sponsored by people who believe that every child should have a pet to care for.

National Arbor Day – Today is all about trees. You can't have too many trees. Plant a new one today, just don't put it too close to power lines or the foundation of your house.

National Hairball Awareness Day – This is a day to spread awareness of the dreadful and debilitating hairball disease. Mostly suffered by felines and feline lovers, although my canine also seems to suffer from periodic bouts of the disease, it causes coughing, hacking, and puking on the brand new living room carpet or in the expensive and also brand new dress shoes. Volunteer for your local SPCA to help them find a cure for this socially unacceptable issue.

To celebrate today, keep your ears open all day so when you find an Australian, you can run right over for a hug. Everyone loves hugs so I'm sure they won't mind. Then head to the SPCA to adopt an animal for your child. You may want to avoid the felines, but if you cannot, watch them carefully to see if you can narrow down the cause of the hairball disease, that hair must be getting in there somehow. Next, head to your local nursery to pick up a tree (if you can do this, you're stronger than most people in the world) and take it home and plant it in your yard somewhere. Then you can watch the birds sitting on the branches and building nests while you eat your pretzel and keep your china from hitting the floor during the 3.7 earthquake that's going to happen tonight.

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