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May 2, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Day Of Prayer – Always the first Thursday in May, this day was designated by the U.S. Congress and the proclamation is signed by the President every year since then asking Americans to “turn to God today in prayer and meditation.” It was officially begun in 1952, but there is historical evidence that says it was really begun by President George Washington. It should be noted that the Freedom From Religion Foundation has been trying to get this day to be declared unconstitutional but so far they have been unsuccessful.

National Day Of Reason – The direct opposite of National Day Of Prayer, this day was begun by atheists and secular groups who are opposed to prayer and do not believe it should be an official day.

Martin Z. Mollusk Day – Martin Z. Mollusk is a hermit crab who lives on Moorlyn Terrace Beach in Ocean City, NJ. Martin must be related to Punxsutawney Phil because if he sees his shadow today, summer is going to come a week early in Ocean City. No shadow? Summer will begin on time.

Roberts Rule Of Order Day – Roberts Rules of Order is a book of procedural rules for any organization that wishes to adopt them. It was written by Brig. Gen. Henry Martyn Robert and originally published in 1876. It is on its' eleventh edition now. Brig. Gen. Robert wrote them when he became frustrated because members of the same societal organizations, which he was involved in, from different areas of the country had conflicting views regarding what the proper rules and procedures were and this conflict resulted in problems with the running of the organizations. When organizations adopt Roberts rules of order, everyone is on the same page and work can be accomplished.

To celebrate today, use your Roberts Rules and your superb reasoning to solve any disputes in your home organization. Then say a prayer that everything will go smoothly today. Next run over to Ocean City to visit with Martin and find out when summer is going to arrive.

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