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May 4, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Candied Orange Peel Day – Honestly, I don't really consider orange peels to be food. I know that technically you can eat them, and I've used the zest from oranges in recipes, but to candy an orange peel and just eat it? I don't know. I guess I'll have to try it before I'm convinced.

Renewal Day – Today is a day of new beginnings. Whatever you have in your life that is old, take the time to renew it today. Is your relationship old and getting boring? Put some spark into it today. An old chair that's seen better days. A coat of paint, new upholstery, a couple of screws and it's a whole new chair.

National Hoagie Day – Hoagies are called different things in different parts of the country. But Domenic Vitiello, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania who researched the matter, said that they originated in Philadelphia on Hog Island during World War I. The Professor credits Italians on this island for throwing different meats between slices of bread and discovering that it tastes great.

Bladder Cancer Awareness Day – This day is meant to spread awareness of the symptoms of bladder cancer and promote research to find a cure. There are Bladder Cancer walks scheduled for today in 32 states.

Free Comic Book Day – This is a great day for comic book lovers. On the first Saturday in May, participating comic books stores give away a free comic book to anyone who comes into their store. Check with your local comic book store to see if they participate.

Intergalactic Star Wars Day – This is a day dedicated to honoring Star Wars films and the Star Wars culture. It is celebrated today because of a pun that was first told in 1979 when Margaret Thatcher was elected Prime Minister of Britain. Her party placed an ad in the newspaper that said, “May the Fourth be with you, Maggie. Congratulations.”

International Firefighters Day – When a wildfire in Australia killed 5 firefighters in 1998, JJ Edmondson was inspired to send a proposal around the world to create this day. It is dedicated to firefighters all over the world who risk their lives every day to save ours, and to honor the heroic firefighters that have lost their lives.

International Space Day – This is a day that is all about space and anything that you can learn about or from space. The National Air & Space Museum has a Space Day Family Day planned for tomorrow, May 5th. If you are at all interested in space, don't miss it as you will have the opportunity to actually talk to astronauts and see fascinating demonstrations and exhibits.

International Respect For Chickens Day – Begun in 2005, this is a day that celebrates chickens and protests their sad lives on chicken farms.

National Homebrew Day – I'm not sure if this is supposed to be celebrated today or tomorrow. I have found convincing evidence for both days. But what I am sure of is that it is a day for brewing your own beverages. Primarily beer, I am sure.

National Scrapbooking Day – Begun in 1994 by Creative Memories, this is a day to work on all that scrapbooking that you've let pile up for the last few months or longer.

Childhood Stroke Awareness Day – Celebrated on the first Saturday in May, this is a day to highlight the dangers and warning signs of infant and child strokes. You don't generally think of people that age being in danger of having a stroke.

To celebrate today, rejuvenate your relationships by stopping in at the comic book store that you just happen to be walking past on your Bladder Cancer walk, and picking up some comic books that your family members would enjoy reading. Then, when you get home, you can throw a new cover over that living room chair that's been in that corner for years. Next, make some candied orange peels with your kids and see if you can convince them that eating the part of the orange they usually throw away is going to be a great thing. Then, you can have a hoagie for lunch while you watch all 6 Star Wars movies in one afternoon. While that is going on, work on your pile of scrapbooking that you've been meaning to get to and never have time because you're so busy celebrating things everyday. When the movies are over, go to your local firehouse and hand out cups of the beer that you made at home to all the firefighters as a thank you for their efforts to keep you and your family safe. Be careful you don't give them too much, they won't be much good to anyone if they get drunk. Then go home and tell the kids all about how we should respect chickens and that they should make sure they let you know if they are feeling strokish. Finally, give them something to look forward to by telling them that tomorrow, in addition to all the celebrations that you will be participating in as usual, you are going to go to the National Air & Space Museum for the Space Day Family Day.

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