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May 7, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Tourism Day – The theme for this years National Tourism Week is travel effect. Basically the effect that traveling has on you and your family. Since this is an event that is promoting tourism, the effects they talk about are all positive. You know the kind of thing I mean, quality time spent together, new experiences, etc. As a mother of three, I think about all of that, but I also think about the headaches, the entire family crammed into the same small hotel room every day for a week, the effort expended trying to convince the kids that museums can be fun too, and we didn't come all this way and spend all this money to stay in the hotel swimming pool all week long.

National Teachers Day – Celebrated on Tuesday of the first full week of May, this is a day to honor all the teachers who have dedicated their lives to helping our children reach their potential. Many times they go above and beyond what they are paid to do and frequently spend their own money and tons of extra time to make sure the kids have what they need.

National Roast Leg Of Lamb Day – Another dinner dilemma solved today.

Accountant's Day or Accounting Day – Today is a day to celebrate the number crunchers in our lives. Some people just “get” numbers, and everything associated with them, easier than others. For some, addition is a daily challenge. Accountants, on the other hand, can whiz through math problems and multi-million dollar budgets in moments. Give them a hand today, because if they can do it, we don't have to.

Childhood Depression Awareness Day – Researchers at Stanford are working very hard to find ways to prevent this disorder by conducting two research studies. Depression among all age groups is on the rise but it is most alarming when it affects our children.

World Asthma Day – The theme for this day is once again, “You can control your asthma”, with a sub-theme of “It's time to control asthma”. As someone who has had asthma for the last three years, this is definitely a good goal. This day is organized by the Global Initiative for Asthma and the purpose is to spread asthma awareness around the world as well as knowledge about how to care for it.

To celebrate today, call up your children's teachers and thank them for their dedication in educating your child(ren). Then, call up your friendly neighborhood accountant and thank him/her for helping you know where you stand financially. Next, take your kids on a little day trip so they can practice being tourists and you can see whether the positive effects of traveling with your kids come to fruition. At the very least, I hope it keeps your children from being depressed. Before the end of the business day, make sure you call your doctor to discuss ways to keep asthma under control. It's good to know whether you have asthma or not. Finally, it's roast leg of lamb for dinner. Enjoy!

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