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May 6, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Beverage Day – This is a day to enjoy your favorite beverage, whatever it is.

National Tourist Appreciation Day – If you are a tourist, appreciate yourself. If you do business with tourists, appreciate their desire to support your business, whatever it is. If you are annoyed by tourists visiting your city, appreciate the business they bring to your local area. You thrive because of them even if you don't directly do business with them.

National Nurses Day – This is the first day of National Nurses Week. It runs from May 6th to May 12th every year. May 12th is the birthday of Florence Nightingale. Nursing is a difficult profession that is best suited to caring, compassionate, intelligent, and dedicated people. Make sure you show them appreciation today.

International No Diet Day – Created in 1992 in the United Kingdom, this is a day to accept yourself however you look, however much you weigh. Do not try to change yourself by dieting today. You are beautiful/handsome just the way you are.

Crepe Suzette Day – There are differing accounts relating to how this dish originated. But the one sure thing is that it is delicious and involves pouring liqueur over a crepe and setting it on fire. A practice that I have never been able to bring myself to try because I'm afraid of the fire getting out of control.

Buddha Day – We celebrated this day last month as well. Because of regional differences in calendars, different countries celebrate this important Buddist holiday on different days. Like April 8th, this day is one of the more common days on which Buddha day is celebrated.

Joseph Brackett Day – Born on this day in 1797, Joseph Brackett was a religious leader of the Shakers. He wrote a song called “Simple Gifts” that became very popular in the Shaker community.

Melanoma Monday – Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer and one American dies from it every hour. If it is detected before it spreads, the five year survival rate is 98%. So we need to wear orange today to help spread awareness and work to teach people how to detect this devastating cancer as early as possible.

No Homework Day – This is a made up holiday by the people, so don't let your children count on their teachers celebrating it. The spirit of the day is to give kids a rest from all the homework they have to do every day.

To celebrate today, suspend the diet plan for the day and love yourself no matter what size you are.
Then check yourself and your family members for signs of melanoma while you drink your favorite beverage and sing “Simple Gifts” to them. Then run over to the nearest hospital or doctor's office and hand out Crepe Suzette's to all the nurses to thank them for their hard work. On the way home, appreciate the tourists who are all over the place, slowing you down, because they are helping your local economy, and then stop at the nearest Buddhist Temple and respectfully offer an offering to Buddha. Then you can go home and pester your children to complete the homework that they don't have.

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