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May 16, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Love A Tree Day – Trees are vital for our lives. They provide such a service to us and we take them for granted in a big way. Where would our oxygen come from, our shade, homes for animals, food for insects, food for us, I could go on and on.

National Sea Monkey Day – Sea monkeys were created by marketing genius, Harold von Braunhut, in 1960. They are really just brine shrimp in fancy packaging and Mr. von Braunhut made a fortune. You can still buy them today.

Wear Purple For Peace Day – Ok, I have researched a lot of days now but I think this is one of the oddest. This is a day to wear purple to promote peace. That's not so odd, you might be thinking. At least until I tell you that the peace in question is not between different countries or people, but between people and aliens. That's right. We are supposed to wear purple today so that if any aliens happen to swing by, they will know that we have nothing but peaceful intentions. I am unsure how these aliens are supposed to know that purple means peace. I could not find an explanation for that.

Biographer's Day – On this day in 1763, in London, England, a biographer, James Boswell, met with his biographee, Samuel Johnson. Mr. Boswell later wrote two books about Mr. Johnson and this whole relationship is apparently quite well known among the writing community.

To celebrate today, wear purple and purchase some sea monkeys for your kids. Then go out, give a tree a good hug and make yourself comfortable in it's shade while you start writing a biography about someone you have met.

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