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May 22, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Canadian Immigrants Day – This is a day to celebrate Canadian immigrants and recognize the contributions they have made to our country. Celebrate by participating in a lively discussion about the Canadian immigration policy and your experiences with Canadian immigrants.

National Maritime Day – On this day in 1819, the SS Savannah, an American sailing ship/sidewheel steamer, set sail and became the first steamship in the world to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Although most of the distance was not covered using steam power, it was still a historic event.

International Day For Biological Diversity – Created by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993 to increase awareness and understanding of biodiversity issues. December 29th was the date originally chosen for celebration because that was the date of the beginning of the Convention of Biological Diversity. However, in 2000, the date was changed to today partly because many countries have a large number of celebrations already around that time of year and it was difficult to plan and carry out appropriate celebrations for this day.

Buy A Musical Instrument Day – Have you always wanted to learn a musical instrument and never got around to it? Well this is the day to get an instrument and get started. If you don't want to spend the money to buy a new one, you can always get a used instrument that is just as good as a new one, or you can rent one for a while to see if you like it.

National Vanilla Pudding Day – A simple, but delicious dessert. I tend to prefer vanilla over chocolate and you can mix other things in to get other flavors like strawberries or ice cream or bananas. Yum, I'm making myself hungry.

To celebrate today, take a walk around your backyard and look at the biodiversity you have even in that small space. Then head to the music store to buy an instrument of your choosing which you can take with you to the water to play while you're on a lovely boat ride. Just don't drop it into the water. When your fellow passengers complain about your music (because you are just beginning, after all), distract them with a conversation about how they feel about the Canadian immigration policy, then top it all off by sharing some vanilla pudding with everyone.

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