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May 15, 2013

Today we celebrate:

Peace Officer's Memorial Day – This is a day to pay tribute to the peace officers who work so hard to keep our country, states, counties and cities safe. It is a dangerous and demanding job and they catch a lot of flack for the work that they do. But regardless, they are always there when we need them.

Hyperemisis Gravidarum Awareness Day – This is the second annual celebration of this day created by the Hyperemisis Education and Research Foundation (HER). This is a disease that affects thousands of pregnant women. Symptoms associated with it include unrelenting nausea, weight loss, vomiting, malnutrition and dehydration. It usually lasts longer than the first trimester and for some it can last for the entire pregnancy.

International Day Of Families – This is a day that is endorsed by the United Nations to celebrate family in all of its forms.

International MPS Awareness Day – This is a day to honor everyone who has suffered from this disease as well as everyone who works to find a cure. MPS is an acronym for Mucopolysaccharidos disease. This is a genetic lysosomal disease (LD) that causes a body to be unable to produce enzymes which help cells to perform their duties properly. A person with this disease suffers with progressively more severe organ damage the longer they live.

National Tuberous Sclerosis Day – This is a genetic disorder that causes non-malignant tumors to form in the brain, eyes, heart, lungs, kidney and skin. These tumors can cause many, many challenging health issues for the people with this disorder such as autism, seizures, intellectual disabilities and developmental delays. The severity of these issues varies widely and many people with this disorder are able to lead independent lifestyles and accomplish great things in challenging jobs like scientists, doctors and lawyers.

Nylon Stockings Day – On this day in 1940, Julian Hill's invention appeared in stores for the first time and women were liberated from having to wear cotton, wool or silk stockings. They liked them so much they bought 780,000 on that very first day. These were the old fashioned kind that you had to keep up with garters.

National Employee Health & Fitness Day – On the third Wednesday of May, Vanderbilt University recognizes this as a day to stress physical activity and eating healthy. They have many events throughout the day to celebrate including places where you can go to get a healthy breakfast-to-go, Zumba classes outside, a walking relay and a 3 mile run.

Straw Hat Day – Today is the day for men to put away their felt hats and take out their straw hats for the summer. Summer is here (ok, not officially, but it's hot enough to be summer anyway) and felt hats don't come back until some time in September. That is, if men still wear these types of hats. As you can probably tell, this day has been around for a while. You may also see it celebrated on different days in different parts of the country.

Turn Beauty Inside Out Day – This is a day to look inside yourself and see the beauty within. Physical beauty is skin deep and the most beautiful person in the world could be a hag on the inside and no one wants to know her. Today is a day to let your inner beauty shine through to the world.

To celebrate today, educate yourself on the various genetic diseases so you can appreciate the challenges of the people who suffer from them. Maybe it will make you a little less judgmental as you remember that not all health issues can be seen. We never know what challenges other people face until we walk in their shoes. Then put on some stockings and a straw hat and take your family for a good long walk. While you are walking, greet everyone you see so they can tell how beautiful you are by the warmth and joy shining through your eyes. When you come across a peace officer, make sure you thank them for their hard work in keeping you and your family safe.

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