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May 17, 2013

Today we celebrate a whole lot of days so I hope you're not too busy:

Pack Rat Day – This is a day to 'fess up. Who, among us, is a pack rat? I admit that I fight the urge to hoard certain things. Every now and then I have to force myself to clean out a closet or a room just so it doesn't get out of hand.

National Cherry Cobbler Day – Cobblers have been around since Colonial days. They are made with a little more sophistication now, of course, but they are still just as popular.

Endangered Species Day – Celebrated on the third Friday in May, this is a day to learn about the endangered species in your state. Find out about their habitats and food sources and see if you can discover why they are endangered.

International Virtual Assistants Day -This day is also one that is celebrated on the third Friday in May. Today we acknowledge the increasing prevalence of virtual assistance and the invaluable services they provide.

World Neurofibromatosis Day (NF Day) – This is a genetic condition that causes a wide variety of symptoms including learning disabilities, ADHD, headaches, scoliosis, bowed legs, thickening of the optic nerve, tumors, and more. Researchers are working to invent treatments and hopefully, a cure.

World Telecommunications Day – Celebrated every year since 1969, this is a day to mark the founding of the International Telecommunication Union on this day in 1865. Yes, believe it or not, people did communicate back then. I'm not sure how they got a string long enough to connect the soup cans in other countries, but somehow they managed to communicate.

NASCAR Day – This year marks the tenth year of celebrating this day. I'm not a big NASCAR fan, but my grandmother was, to my everlasting amazement. Just when you think you know someone, something like this comes out. Today drivers, millions of fans, media, businesses and more will work together to raise money for a variety of charities that NASCAR endorses.

World Information Society Day – The United Nations declared this day in 2006 for the purpose of focusing our attention on the importance of information and the many issues related to our information rich society.

World Hypertension Day – This day was created by the World Hypertension League which is affiliated with the International Society of Hypertension. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of hypertension, the symptoms and available treatments. People all over the world need to learn how to prevent the onset of this disease or if it's too late to prevent, they need to learn how to control it before it kills them.

National Bike To Work Day – Celebrated on the third Friday in May, this is a day to leave the car home and bike to work, although if your job is just too far away, in some areas you can take buses for part of the distance. Good luck finding one that will be able to carry your bike. Riding your bike to work provides many benefits such as being great for the environment, providing exercise and saving money. Win, win, win!

National Defense Transportation Day – The third Friday in May is obviously a very busy day every year because we are also celebrating this United States Federal Observance Day. On this day, we are urged by our President to celebrate with “appropriate ceremonies that will give complete recognition to the importance to each community and its people of the transportation system of the United States and the maintenance of the facilities of the system in the most modern state of adequacy to serve the needs of the United States in times of peace and in national defense.” He's pretty wordy. I would have just told everyone to have a party for the people who work to move us from one place to another.

National Pizza Party Day – Yet another day to celebrate on the third Friday, my kids are happy, although they think that every Friday should be Pizza Party Day.

Syttende Mai – If you do not speak (or read) Norwegian, allow me to inform you that this is Norwegian Constitution Day. The Constitution of Norway was signed on this day in 1814 at Eidsvoll, declaring Norway to be an independent nation. Interestingly, Norway was under Swedish rule at the time and the King of Sweden didn't allow this day to be celebrated until 1829.

To celebrate today, evaluate your status as a pack rat. If you don't have enough stuff cluttering up your house to qualify as one, call up and communicate with your virtual assistant and after you thank them for their help, ask them to get you more stuff. Then it's time to go to work so hop on your bike and hit the road, preferably not with your body (and don't forget your helmet. Yes I know, but I'm a mom, what do you expect!). During your lunch break at work, dig up some information on the symptoms of hypertension so you can be sure you don't have it, and find a site that will allow you to donate to NF research. On your way home, stop every bus you see and invite the drivers to your house for a party to celebrate Norway Constitution Day with pizza and cherry cobbler and a NASCAR race playing in the background.

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