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August 12, 2013

Today we celebrate:

IBM PC Day – On this day in 1981, IBM introduced it's new 5150 Personal Computer. For a while, it blew it's competition out of the water and led the technological field . At least until the competition caught up.

International Youth Day –
This is a day to celebrate and encourage young people all around the world. The theme for this years celebration is, “Youth Migration: Moving Development Forward.” Thirty percent of international migrants are youth. The effect of migration on young people has not been studied but it that sort of lifestyle has to make life very difficult for their personal and emotional development.

Vinyl Record Day
– On this day in 1877, Thomas Edison invented the phonograph and the stage was set for the later invention of vinyl records. When I was young, I had a record player in my bedroom and I thought it was pretty cool that I could play my favorite records over and over again in my own room so no one else would complain. Now I have kids and my record player doesn't work anymore so they have never even heard a record play. They don't seem upset by that as they listen to their CD's and MP3 players, but it makes me a little sad.

To celebrate today, get on your PC and look up some pictures of vinyl records and record players and show them to the youth in your house.

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