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August 18, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Ice Cream Pie Day – Do you have a pie crust handy? Maybe some ice cream? Then you have all the makings for a ice cream pie. Soften the ice cream, spread it into the pie crust and refreeze. Delicious.

Long Tan Day – On this day in 1966, the First Australian Task Force (ATF) to Vietnam joined by a New Zealand unit prevailed over the Viet Cong forces in the Battle of Long Tan. 

God's Preeminence Day
– Celebrated on the third Sunday of August, this is a day to pay tribute to God. Pray, meditate about God, and give all glory to God today.

Mail Order Catalog Day –
Montgomery Ward was the first company to make a mail order catalog on this day in 1872. It was only one page. It did well so they went crazy with it and by 1904 it weighed four pounds. They kept it going until 1985 but by then the idea had long been picked up by scores of other companies.

Serendipity Day –
This is a day “to live as though everything is a miracle...with the belief that at any moment, something wonderful is about to happen.” This is according to Madeleine Kay who is on a mission to encourage as many people as she can to look for serendipity and celebrate it.

(World) Daffodil Day – I didn't find any reliable information on this day and I'm not sure why Daffodil Day is in August since, at least where I live, the daffodils stopped blooming some time ago. But perhaps since this is a worldwide day, there are daffodils blooming somewhere. I hope so, they are one of my favorite flowers.

To celebrate today, spend some time this morning praying to God, then go out in the world and see if you can find some daffodils. Order something from a mail order catalog that will help you to celebrate life. Then have some ice cream pie while you read a book about the Battle of Long Tan.

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