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August 19, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Soft Ice Cream Day – Soft ice cream is the best. I absolutely love it and cannot turn it down no matter how much I should since it's made with dairy and I'm allergic. For this dish, I'll accept the consequences.

National Aviation Day – Established by Presidential Proclamation from President Franklin D. Roosevelt, this is a day to celebrate the development of aviation. This day was chosen because it is Orville Wright's birthday. He was born in 1871 and was still alive when the proclamation was made.

Potato Day – This is a day to celebrate the potato. My daughters would prefer to miss this day since they don't care for potatoes, but they are not cooking dinner tonight, I am. I think I'll make homemade french fries.

"Black Cow" Root Beer Float Day –
The root beer float is made with root beer and vanilla ice cream and ends up a light brown color. However, if you make it with chocolate ice cream, it is not a traditional root beer float and so it is instead called a “black cow” root beer float, or in some areas, a “brown cow” root beer float. Drink up!

World Humanitarian Day – This is a day to honor humanitarians all over the world who have worked for a humanitarian cause. It particularly honors those who have died in the course of their humanitarian work. This is not the same as Humanitarian Day on which we celebrated on January 15th because this is a world wide day that was established by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 2008.

Cupcake Day – This is a delicious day that can be celebrated by making, eating, smelling or even just looking at cupcakes.

To celebrate today, Take an airplane ride to the country of your choice to visit with the humanitarians there to thank them for their hard work. Then, when you get home have some potatoes for dinner and then you can follow that up with a “black cow” root beer float, a cupcake and some soft ice cream.

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