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August 2, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day – I love ice cream sandwiches!!! There is an amazing variety of flavors for the ice cream and for the cookie, I'm sure you can find one you like too.

International Beer Day – This is a day to celebrate beer. But not just to have a beer at dinner and be done with it. No, this is INTERNATIONAL Beer Day which means that beer is going to be celebrated all over the world so you need to go out into the world in order to celebrate. And if you can find an international friend to share a beer with, so much the better. If you do go out to a bar or restaurant or friend's house to have a beer, please be mindful of the dangers of drinking and driving and either limit yourself to one beer or arrange for a designated driver or taxi for the ride home. You may find others claiming that this day is celebrated on a different day than this.

India Pale Ale Beer Day –
India Pale Ale is a special kind of beer that is made a different way than regular beer. Do not ask me for the technical details. I found the information but I didn't understand it well enough to explain it to you.

Braham Pie Day – Celebrated on the first Friday in August, this is a day to go to Braham, Minnesota for their famous Pie Day. They turn this delicious dessert into an all day festival with pie baking and pie eating contests, collector car shows, church suppers, musical concerts, and plenty of children's events. 

Satchmo Days – For the next three days, until August 4th, there is a Satchmo Summerfest that celebrates Louis Armstrong, who was a famous jazz musician.

To celebrate today, go to the Satchmo Summerfest in New Orleans in the morning, have a beer and chase it down with an ice cream sandwich. Then head to Minnesota for the pie festival in the afternoon and have a variety of different pies for dinner and dessert along with an India Pale Ale Beer.

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