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August 31, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Trail Mix Day – Dried fruit, nuts and sometimes bits of chocolate make up this protein filled snack.

Eat Outside Day – I hope it's not raining where you live today because it is a day to take your meal outside to eat among nature. Enjoy the chirping of the birds, the breeze, fresh air and bugs.

Franchise Appreciation Day – Celebrated on the Saturday before Labor Day, this is a day to support local franchises. Franchises make up quite a number of small businesses in your area and some of them might have some celebratory activities today. 

Love Litigating Lawyers Day
– Everyone loves to make fun of lawyers, but the fact is that we live in a litigious society and we need lawyers from time to time to be on our side. They are also very helpful when it is time to make a will, buy a house, have a divorce or make a contract of any kind.

To celebrate today, visit a local franchise and buy some trail mix. Then go visit your local lawyer and share your trail mix with him/her outside.

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