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June 21, 2017

Today we celebrate:

International Day of Yoga - This is a day for yoga around the world. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it. There are lots of health benefits associated with it such as reducing stress, increasing muscle tone, flexibility and pain tolerance...and that is only in my personal experience.

National Selfie Day - I’ve taken exactly one selfie in my whole life, I think. But there are quite a number of selfie fanatics out there. You might be one of them. If so, this is a day for you. Take and post as many selfies as you like today. If you are like me and don’t take many, this is a day to update your profile picture. I recommend that you take some practice shots first.

National Seashell Day - Celebrated on the first day of summer, this is a day to hit the beach and find some seashells, or take some shells you already have and make a lovely table arrangement or use them to decorate something.

World Giraffe Day - On this day we celebrate the creatures with the longest neck on our planet. Hence the reason we celebrate on the longest day of the year (in the northern hemisphere anyway). The founders are hoping that you will celebrate by donating money to save giraffes in Africa since there are only 100,000 left in the wild.

Cuckoo Warning Day - This is an old wives tale kind of day today, I think. Apparently if you hear a cuckoo on this day,  your summer will be a wet one. Does anyone have a cuckoo clock? This is celebrated on the first day of summer.

World Peace and Prayer Day - Created by Nac’a Arvol Looking Horse, spiritual leader of the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Sioux Nations (the Buffalo People), this is a day to gather at places that are sacred to you, and pray for the healing of Mother Earth, (who they call Ina Maka). We need to do something to stop the destruction of our only home. Learn more at this facebook page, where he has posted a letter to the People of the Earth about prophesies that were made 19 generations ago which seem to be coming true.  

National Cherry Tart Day - A delicious dish, perfect for summer with fresh cherries, although canned cherries would be good too.

National Peaches & Cream Day – Fresh, ripe, juicy peaches, covered with thick, rich cream. Dessert doesn't get any better than that. I've probably said that before, but I really mean it this time.

Atheists Solidarity Day – This is a day for Atheists to wear a red and black ribbon to show their support to other non-religious people in their community. Some atheists do not feel they can be open about their beliefs because they fear persecution. While I am not an Atheist, we do live in a country where we have the freedom to believe or not believe in whatever we want, and I support the right of every adult to decide for themselves what they chose to believe. Not all countries have that freedom and some people are right to be afraid of persecution or even death if it were to become known that they disagree with the beliefs of those around them.

Go Skateboarding Day – Created by the International Association of Skateboarding Companies, the purpose of today is to dust off the old skateboard, put aside normal responsibilities and just skateboard all day. Many major cities are holding skateboarding events today, see if you can find one that you can join.

World Handshake Day – Created by Ivan Zupa, this is a day to unite the world. He says to “place your hand in the sea and shake hands with the whole world.” It began as a vision for Mr. Zupa after the tsunami disaster (I'm not sure which tsunami disaster he is referring to since there have been a few in my lifetime alone) and he hopes to make this idea spread to the rest of the world.

Baby Boomer's Recognition Day – This is a day to celebrate the baby boomers and their contributions to society. Many of them became very successful in a wide variety of fields, and our medicines and technology wouldn't be where they are today without this talented group of people.

World Music Day or Fete de la Musique - This day began with an American musician, Joel Cohen, in France working for the French National Radio. It was turned into an official national celebration which spread around the world. It is now celebrated in about 120 countries. The idea for the day is to encourage all musicians, amateur and professional, to take to the streets to perform their music for all to hear. Alternatively, many cities organize free concerts so that all types of music are available to everyone. The concerts must be free to the public and the performers must donate their time for free as well.

International Surfing Day - Celebrated on or near the Summer Solstice, this is a day that focuses on surfing, and anything related to surfing. So even I, a definite non-surfer, can celebrate by dressing as a surfer, carrying a surfboard around, or simply floating on the ocean with a surfboard or other surfing related items like wetsuits.

World Humanist Day – This is a day for Humanist people to share their values with the world. It is a “freethought” holiday that is supported by the International Humanist and Ethical Union, which is a global federation for atheist, rationalist, ethical culture and secularist groups. There will be conferences and proclamations and other activities going on today to spread awareness of their free thoughts.

Anne & Samantha Day – This day is celebrated on the solstice each June and December. You are meant to reflect on Anne Frank's and Samantha Smith's contributions to our world before their premature demise. The creators of this day are campaigning to have postage stamps in their honor before the first half of our century is over on Dec. 31st, 2050.

National Daylight Appreciation Day – This is a day to celebrate the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Today will be great for your energy bills (as long as it's not too hot and you're running the air conditioning all day) and for your energy levels as it has been proven that lots of sunlight can increase your mental and physical health and your energy levels. Try to get out and enjoy the daylight today.

The First Day of Summer - The first day of summer is the Summer Solstice when the northern hemisphere of the earth is tipped toward the sun and has the longest day of the year. It should be noted that it is also the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere and the real start to their winter.

The Longest Day - At first I figured this day would be another one about summer. But I was very wrong. This is a day about fighting Alzheimer’s disease. It is held on the longest day of the year and the theme for this year is: “Fulfill a Personal Goal”. Today we are going to work to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease and money for research to find a cure or at least a way to halt the disease and stop it from robbing us of our loved ones.

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