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June 22, 2017

Today we celebrate:

Stupid Guy Thing Day - This is all about celebrating the thing that guys do that women don’t understand. Women generally consider these things to be “stupid”, but I think that depends on what it is. Sometimes guys mean well, but just don’t understand what women really want so they give us what they think we want, which are sometimes worlds apart. So they end up doing things that women think are stupid. But I think that most times guys deserve the benefit of the doubt.

National Onion Rings Day - While I don’t understand the joy some people have in eating these, since I’m not that fond of onions, I do realize that I am in the minority in that regard in my household and probably the entire country. So if you enjoy this particular fried food, feel free to indulge today.

National Chocolate Eclair Day – This delicious treat has everything going for it, a sweet cream filling, a melt in your mouth pastry, and a heavenly chocolate topping. I'll have to get some for the family tonight.

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