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June 24, 2017

Today we celebrate:

National Celebrate Your Marriage Day - Celebrated on the last Saturday in June, this is a day to celebrate your marriage by spending quality time with your spouse. Gifts are optional but always appreciated, especially if it’s a very thoughtful gift. It doesn’t need to be big, a single rose is a lovely and loving gesture. A poem that you wrote, a letter expressing your feelings, a picture that you drew, a framed photograph of you and your spouse, are all good ideas as well. If you are far away from your spouse today, call and let them know they are on your mind. Skype if you can, tell them how much you wish you were together today.

Celebration of the Senses Day - This is a day to celebrate all of your senses: sight, touch, taste, smell and sound. How you choose to celebrate is left up to you so do whatever is most pleasing to these senses. It doesn’t need to be all at the same time, although if you can, it would certainly save time.

Museum Comes to Life Day - This day has been celebrated since 2006 and is a day to go to a museum and imagine what it would be like if everything in it came to life. Take your kids with you and see what scenarios their amazing imaginations come up with.

National Pralines Day – A sweet pecan treat that is very popular in New Orleans. It originally came from France and used almonds but when those Frenchmen and women arrived in New Orleans way back when, almonds were hard to come by, so they switched to pecans and now no one even thinks of using almonds in this delectable dessert.

International Fairy Day – This is a day that celebrates those tiny, winged, little people who are born on the laugh of a baby. I couldn't find out where this day came from or why we should celebrate it, but if you have children, particularly the little girl variety, you probably already celebrate this day every day.

Swim A Lap Day – This is a day to get a little exercise. Put on your bathing suit, (go ahead, I won’t look) and hop in the pool to swim a lap. Although since you went to all that trouble to get your suit on and find a pool, I don't know why you would stop at one lap. Go ahead and swim as many laps as you can.

Drive Your Corvette To Work Day - On June 30, 1953, the first Corvette was produced in Flint, Michigan. So this day is celebrated on the Friday before June 30th. If you have a Corvette, drive it to work today. If you don’t have one, you can either pretend and dress up your Civic as a Corvette, or you can rent one for the day.

Great American Backyard Campout – On this day, thousands of Americans will gather in backyards all over the country to have their very own campout. Experience the outdoors without having to travel too far. This is a great option for people with young children who don't want to get too far away from indoor plumbing or who think their young children will not be able to last a whole night outside. This day is celebrated on the last Saturday in June every year.

Bartender and Mixologist Day - This is a day that is also celebrated on the last Saturday in June and is a day to celebrate the people who mix up our drinks. They take perfectly normal ingredients and mix them in all kinds of crazy ways into things that we then decide to drink. It is debatable if all of it is actually tasty or if people are just really, really weird. But since most people don’t have the recipe for many of their favorite drink concoctions memorized, this is the day to thank the people who do, and maybe give them a little bit nicer tip than usual.

Global Smurfs Day - Celebrated on the Saturday closest to June 25th (or on June 25th when it falls on a Saturday like this year) this is a day to celebrate those lovable blue creatures that were created by Peyo, a Belgian comic artist. Peyo was born on this day in 1928 and created the Smurfs in 1958.

ARRL ( American Radio Relay League) Field Day – The most popular on-the-air event in the US and Canada. Celebrated on the fourth weekend of June every year by more than 35,000 ham radio enthusiasts and their clubs. Some celebrate with a contest, others by practicing emergency radio drills, still others with picnics and campouts.

International Ragweed Day - Ragweed is an invasive weed that many people are allergic to in some form or other. This day is celebrated on the first Saturday of the summer and was created by the International Ragweed Society on the suggestion of Prof. Dr. Kristof Nekam and Dr. Tamas Komives. I think that the main goal of celebrating this day is to work on reducing the number of ragweeds in the world. Dig it up people, bag it so it can’t propagate, and throw it away.

Eid-Al Fitr – This day is an important Muslim holiday that marks the end of the fasting of Ramadan. This is a day for the Muslims around the world to be united. This day does vary in different localities based on local religious authorities but most celebrate it today. Muslims celebrate with special ceremonies and prayers.

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