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June 28, 2017

Today we celebrate:

International Body Piercing Day - Some people are really into putting holes in their bodies in interesting places. I’m not, but if you are, this is a day for you. This is the birthday of Jim Ward, who happens to have introduced many of the different styles of piercing and the body jewelry that are in use now. He also opened the first piercing parlor in the United States. This is a new day started in 2014.

Paul Bunyan Day – This is a day for tall tales. You've all heard of Paul Bunyan, I’m sure. Tell your children about him today. Don't forget about Babe, the Blue Ox. Feel free to add your own embellishments to the story, that's what makes a tall tale so much fun.

National Insurance Awareness Day – This is a day for spreading awareness of how important insurance is. Call your insurance company and see if they will celebrate today by giving you a discount on something. We can't get by without insurance these days whether it's car insurance or health insurance or life insurance or homeowners insurance. It's big business and we need it because it saves us from losing everything we have when someone inevitably sues us for something or we experience some kind of disaster. Make sure your insurance is up to date today.

International Caps Lock Day - This day was created by Derek Arnold in the year 2000. It is also celebrated on October 22nd and is simply intended to be a fun, goofy day. Others have created their own Caps Lock Days at various points in the year such as August 22nd.

National Tapioca Day - I love tapioca pudding and I’ve heard that you can also do other things with it like putting it in a drink. I haven’t tried that yet, I’m not sure I like it that much, but perhaps today would be a good day to find a good recipe. Maybe this one.

Tau Day – I didn't know what this was either until I looked it up so I will happily enlighten you. Tau is double Pi. Pi, of course, is 3.14....therefore Tau is 6.28...Hence the reason it is celebrated today.

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