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June 5, 2017

Today we celebrate:

“Thank God It’s Monday” Day - On the first Monday of June, we celebrate Monday. This is not a day that is usually looked upon with favor. It has a pretty poor reputation, in fact. But there are lots of great things that can happen on a Monday and this is a day to look forward to those things with excitement, enthusiasm and a positive attitude. I can name a few things that will happen on a Monday, can you add to the list? I come up with birthdays, holidays, vacations, sending the kids off to school after a weekend with them fighting at home, and possibly starting a new job.

Festival of Popular Delusions Day -  This day began in 1945 in Germany, exactly one year after D-Day and it represents the last day that the Nazi’s were able to delude themselves that they were a superior race and would rule the world. At least that is how it started. Now it is a day for everyone to think about what we might be deluding ourselves about and bring a little reality to our own lives.

National Attitude Day - I usually have a pretty positive attitude. I don’t get down very often and when I do, I don’t stay down very long. I find that life is a lot more pleasant for myself and the people around me when I stay cheerful and positive even when unpleasant things happen. You can choose your attitude, believe it or not. I have friends who don’t believe it, but I am proof that it can be done. I often “put on” my positive attitude even when I am not feeling it, but it doesn’t take long before it becomes real and not an act.

World Environment DayThe theme for this year’s celebration is “Connecting People To Nature.” This day is about getting outside and into nature, appreciating all that nature has to offer us in terms of beauty, and the necessities of life like food, air and water, and stepping up to do what you can to protect the earth that we depend upon.

Hot Air Balloon Day – On this day in 1783, (although some websites claim it happened on June 4th so I’m not sure which is correct) Joseph & Etienne Montgolfier conducted the first unmanned hot air balloon flight in France. According to this web site, the first passengers on this flight were a pig, duck and rooster. That must have been something to see.

National Gingerbread Day – Everything you cook today should involve gingerbread in some way. Gingerbread pancakes, gingerbread sandwiches, gingerbread meatloaf, maybe even gingerbread ice cream? Be creative, it might actually taste good. Then again, it might not.

Apple II Day – On this day in 1977, the first Apple II (one of the first personal computers created), went on sale. It was created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and operated on BASIC programming, which I still remember a little of. Now I feel old.

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