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June 3, 2017

Today we celebrate:

Love Conquers All Day - This is one of those mushy, romantic holidays that could be influenced by the greeting card industry. But there is no reason why you can’t celebrate the challenges you have overcome with the love of your life on your own terms.

Impersonate Authority Day - On this day, you should probably be a little careful. It is a day to pretend to be someone in a position of authority that you do not possess. I will warn you that the people who possess that authority, may not take kindly to your efforts. But if you are careful, and make sure you don’t break any laws, maybe you’ll get away with it. I have no idea who created this day.

National Egg Day - Eggs are a very healthy food, as long as you are not allergic to them like I am. They have protein and vitamins and are very versatile. You can eat them by themselves in all kinds of ways, and you can mix them with other things and make delicious things like brownies and cake and cookies.

National Itch Day - We always have some sort of itch somewhere on our bodies. So this is a day to take care of it either by itching it, or by putting lotion on it or taking some sort of medication. What you do all depends on what is causing your itch. It is also a good day to prevent itches that are avoidable like using bug spray to avoid mosquito bites.

National Chocolate Macaroon Day – Light and chocolatey, this is the dessert to try tonight.

Repeat Day – Today is your opportunity to repeat whatever you want to do over again today. Wear the same clothes you wore yesterday, repeat a favorite activity as many times as you want, repeat someone's words back to them. Whatever you desire to do again, do it today no matter how much it annoys everyone else.  

National Trails Day – On the first Saturday in June, the American Hiking Society organizes “the country’s largest celebration of trails”. There are thousands of events celebrating this day occurring all over the country. See this web site for information on how to find an event in your local area.

Chimborazo Day – This is a day to focus on the shape of the earth. It turns out that, surprisingly, the world is not completely round. There are mountains and valleys and such that make it more of a lumpy ball than a round one. One lump in particular is bigger than the others. That would be Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador which has the distinction of poking out into space farther than any other mountain on Earth, including Mount Everest which is the tallest mountain. The reason for this is that the distance from sea level to the center of Earth is 13 miles greater at the Equator than it is at the North Pole which means that Mount Chimborazo has an advantage over Mount Everest which may be a bigger mountain, but is still closer to the center of the Earth because it is farther from the equator.

Drawing Day or Pencil Day – Celebrated on the first Saturday in June, this is a day to drop everything, except babies, pick up a pencil and draw a picture. That's the easy part. The hard part, for some, is that when you are finished with your picture, you need to share your art with others. This is a day to encourage the love of art and drawing and to share art amongst ourselves.

National Cheer Coach Day - This is a day for cheering! Even better if you do your cheering with a team that has a cheer coach. Coaches are essential for any team sport. They give guidance, enthusiasm, experience, and essential expertise. Apparently the first group of official cheerleaders began in 1897 at Princeton. I wonder if they had a coach. Or maybe the first coaches came from the first group of cheerleaders. This day is celebrated on the first Saturday of June.

Turtle Races Day - Celebrated on the first Saturday in June, this is a day that is apparently all about repeating the story of the turtle and the hare. At least that is what I found on every website that talked about this day. I also found reference to children cheering on turtles that were apparently racing. I couldn’t tell for sure because normally pictures of anything racing involve a little blurriness because of rapidly moving body parts. There was no blurriness in these pictures. So I’m not sure if they were racing or posing.

National Family Recreation Day - All too often we get caught up in the things we have to do and forget about having fun. So find something fun the whole family can do today that doesn’t involve staring at phones. How about a water gun fight or a rousing game of volleyball, basketball, or bocce ball. If there are enough of you, arrange a game of tag football. If the kids are really young, have a great game of hide and seek. What you do doesn’t matter as much as making sure you have fun together. This is another day celebrated on the first Saturday of June.

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